Growing older is inevitable. Growing up is optional!

Now the 1st blog post is over and done with  I am asking myself how do I follow that?

You could hear a pin drop here it is so quiet. Why?

My little granddaughter who is 2 years old on the 17th is in Sakon Nakon with her mummy to help her other Nannie with gathering in the rice. A yearly ritual, the plus side for me is I will get some lovely fresh young rice when she comes home.

baby LilyBig brother is in Udon Thani visiting his mother which we did plan to do…. but sleeping Thai style on the floor …nooo my old bones would have seriously complained so we passed on that one.
Give me time to write in peace was my 1st thought.

Lots to edit from the writer’s retreat 2 weeks ago. If you ever get the opportunity to attend a writers retreat..take was amazing.

Listening to the other very talented writers I was in awe and it most certainly helped those creative juices to flow and flow.

As a newbie, this has completely changed the way I read, write and see things.

Hence my tentative, toe-dipping into the world of blogging!

My head is just fit to burst with all these ideas…..But loving it!

Peanut Butter is this week’s little recipe.

Take 500 gm raw peanuts. Put in oven on a tray and cook on high for 10 mins. Take out of oven and reserve a few (if you like crunchy peanut butter) like me. Put the remainder of nuts in a food processor and blitz at 1 min intervals scraping down the sides. Do this for 4 mins or until smooth.

Add 1 tsp of salt,1 tbsp oil and the remainder of the nuts if using. If you want to add honey, Nutella or flavouring of your choice then add it to the mix now and blitz again for 1 min and then put in a suitable container. Stores in fridge for 3/4 weeks…….IT’S DELISH!

Next week I will tell you how to make my favourite Thai dish… Thai Beef Salad aka Nam Doc Nua. Which is a wonderful spicy beef salad eaten with sticky rice.

My little frogs have gone!


But all is not lost, now we have lots of little ones (tadpoles) so hopefully when those little froglings grow a bit maybe …. mum and dad will return.

Well…….. quietly sitting at my desk wondering what to write, the heavens opened, another tropical storm, thunder so loud it rattled the house and then…..what’s that….oh no!  Something is flowing and its water through the ceiling……Time for emergency measures…Alan!

Well that’s what hubbies are for, isn’t it? …. putting down towels and mopping up. “Good Man.”

Well, it didn’t stop there:

Later this week……

What started out as a lovely lunch with a friend at a lovely Suchi/Pot shop buffett….all you can eat in one and a half hours and some………………… ended…

Well, I drove home …Not easy for an experienced driver as driving here takes on a new meaning…Arriving home safely and relieved… I thought I would reverse up the drive…if I had driven straight up the drive trust me, girls,  I would have got the  ” Can’t you reverse it up? ”

Still with me? Lined it up dead in the middle and reversed………I know now why the menfolk go so close to the right-hand gate post……. as unseen by the naked eye is a crafty camber in the drive………

The lovely, healthy ginger plant now looks a bit battered….. and my number plate just fell off…….I tried a few times to straighten the truck………Then gave up!


I walked indoors number plate in hand.

Not to be greeted by ” Hi Darling, how are you? Nice lunch?”

But “What have you done now?” and in that tone.

I can’t think why! Can you ladies??

Bless him…number plate now back in situ and looking like naught happened.

It is never boring here…haha…

Well, that’s it for this week.

Thank you for reading my blog.

I do hope you are enjoying reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it.


2 thoughts on “Growing older is inevitable. Growing up is optional!

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  2. blondieaka Post author

    Reblogged this on Retired? No one told me! and commented:

    Well this is my second ever blog and Lily will be 4 in November so nearly 2 years ago now….So much has happened since then our 2nd Anthology is out and my novel on it’s way… I am writing for 2 other websites as well so a lot busier…A trip down memory lane ,I used to have a quote as a header and no longer do but some of the quotes I used I just love and have been wondering whether to do that again.?????..So for those of you who haven’t been with me from the beginning this is my 2nd blog…… for those of you who.have…I thank you…Love you all xxx

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