The only time the world beats a path to your door is when you are in the bathroom!

..and  is that just the truth?  Your mobile goes or someone has something so urgent that they talk  through the door at you…..

Goodbye?  Did you guess right? It was Cherokee!   How many of you got that one?

I have decided that as I am learning Thai I am going to try to speak it all the time where I can , especially at home and then my grandson or daughter in law can correct me. Well that is the plan…

This week it’s Red Cabbage.

Cooked with Apples,red onion or shallots,some spices,balsamic and a tinsy, winsy drop of Red Wine….mmm..try a glassful…lol..

It is a lovely accompaniment  to Roast Dinners and tastes even better when kept a day or two…well if it lasts that long …and it freezes well. It wouldn’t be a Christmas or Thanksgiving Dinner without it…we love it.SAM_6215


One medium size Red Cabbage.

One medium to large Red Onion Or about 8 shallots..

2/3 cloves of garlic

One large Bramley Apple.

2 tblspns Balsamic Vinegar.

A half to whole glass red wine.

Salt and Pepper to season.

1 tsp Cinnamon or mixed spice.

Chop cabbage, Onions,garlic and Apple.

Cook Onions and garlic in butter or olive oil until onions are soft.

Add chopped cabbage and Apple,Half balsamic and half of wine.

Season and add spices.

Cook for at least 2 hours( I cook mine for 3 generally) and add more wine and balsamic to taste.If you think it is a bit dry then add a little water.

Tip: If like me Bramleys are unavailable where you live then it’s trial and error.  I tried green apples and it was ok but this week I used 4 desert apples and it was the best. the same with seasoning and spices its personal taste so play with it and adjust to your taste which is what I do with all my cooking ….and especially now I live here it has taught me a totally new way of cooking, I was very recipe and measurement led. Now I just look inside the fridge  or freezer and cook with what I have because it is about taste, taste and taste again… or  it could be just certain ingredients are unavailable here…….the only time I now measure is when I make pastry or cake and that does have to be more precise but any other dishes then I play with ingredients and I have much more fun when I am cooking.

Phew ! Thai lesson over and my brain is mush….why?  I am asking myself…at my age…..cos I am stubborn, single-minded and believe  that as I live here that I should at least try to learn the lingo……really Caz…..mmmm yep…ok…….go on then…until next time …oh and I have homework…are you sure?….it will be a doddle…….oh yeh…just saying………. images1EU08Q0GIt’s that mad lady in the pink frock…..


Bottle Tops, and more bottle tops together with the cable reel I have recycled will transform into a lovely table for my Sala…….SAM_5501 …and a lovelier place so calm and peaceful to have my early morning cuppa while I wake up and join the living I couldn’t ask for ….. what more can I ask?…… after that it will be a television stand out of a smaller cable reel so lots to do and I will be posting pics …….First things  first, though and It’s time to put up the Christmas decorations……… although as hard as I try  they never look quite as good when it’s sunny…. and that’s when I miss home …….but hey ho…I do hate being cold…can’t have it all….

Coconuts grow in abundance here and I am becoming increasingly aware of the fact that Coconut oil has been shown to have a multitude of health benefits, inside the body and out! I am pondering all this as I sip my ice-cold glass of Coconut juice. When we pick young and fresh the flesh is soft and my young granddaughter loves to scoop it out with a spoon and eats like she would an ice cream. A much better snack than all this processed sweet stuff.

Did you know that Coconut oil unlike unsaturated fat….. which reacts with oxygen during high heat cooking and forms toxic byproducts….goes rancid…. is a far better option when cooking at high heat. It is  more stable and doesn’t  react with oxygen as easily. So everything we have always been taught about Butter and Coconut oils and the like is incorrect and they are proving to actually be better for our health. As I learn more about the healthy benefits of Coconut oil I will happily  share it with you.


It’s  Fathers Day today here in Thailand.Long Live The King

Long Live The King.

See you next time  Sampai Jumpa.

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