It is easier to get older than wiser!

Well, that’s true… am I wiser…Depends…lol……….TIT ( This is Thailand )
TIT ONLY IN THAILANDI  never cease to be amazed at how much or how many people you can get on a bike a or in car or lorry.

Do you know if I could have just 1 wish … would be to pick this up and drop it smack in the middle of the M25…Ha Ha and watch the reaction……..For anyone who hasn’t experienced the M25 car park, it’s in the UK.


It’s  Thai lesson time soon, my young grandson is helping me with my pronunciation and tones and I am feeling quite pleased so far…..but long way to go…..the teller is when you go out and ask for something in what you think is brilliant Thai and you get that blank look that says ..what!…..but hey ho will keep trying…..

It’s 86 degrees and rising..lovely……but no snow…xmas trees up and decorated, looks lovely…..but no snow……apparently the Uk is going to get some ferocious weather soon and when I see the pics and hear the moans bet I will be glad I have no snow.

The recipe for this week is Squid Salad. ( Yam pra muek ) which is one of my favourites and also one of the first Thai dishes I ever tried or have made.


  • 400 gm(14oz) baby squid.
  • 5 Spring Onion. (sliced)
  • 5 sm shallots. ( thinly sliced)
  • 20 cherry tomatoes. ( halved)
  • half sm cucumber sliced and quartered.
  • Coriander big bunch or again to taste…I like lots…(chop)
  • Mint. ( optional)
  • 3 birds Eye Chillies chopped( seeds optional)
  • 2 tbsp Fish Sauce.
  • Half lime juice.
  • Palm Sugar ( up to 2 tbsp ) again optional I don’t use but depends on personal preference.

Let’s Cook!

Clean Squid.Getting all membrane off and remember to pull out the plastic quill.

Cut head/parrots beak of tentacles(the best bit)

Slice into 3/4 to inch slices.

Combine all ingredients.

Heat a small amount of water in a pan and add squid cook until opaque less than a minute, Drain on kitchen paper and combine with other ingredients.

SAM_6224Again taste and check the seasoning. You cannot taste too much.

I just love Thai food one because of the taste and also because of the ease of preparation. It takes longer to chop ingredients than to cook the dish the majority of the time.  And as long as you remember to taste, taste and adjust seasoning to your personal taste and as you know by now I love chillies, fish sauce, coriander and mint in abundance.


Oh and serve with  Sticky/ Steamed Rice or noodles.

Yesterday was our Craft Groups Xmas Lunch at a local Thai  Restaurant, I had one of my favourites…Massaman Gai and Keow Suey ( Steamed Rice ). Oh…and I think a copious amount of vino…Massaman is quite a mild Thai   Curry with potatoes ( Man Farang) and what I always have if I am not sure about the other food on the menu…… somehow most restaurants get Massaman right……haha…..

The New Year sees me giving a demo on how I make my jewellery..not sure about this as it comes from within…how do you demonstrate that?……. I just take my materials, cotton, string, beads in my chosen colours and twist and knot as I go …all very individual but no pattern and no two alike so think I will just take my box of goodies, choose my colours and away we go..wish me luck….. If you fancy looking at my creations I have a FB page…Taylor Originals……Don’t quite know why I did that as I don’t sell them just make them for gifts…..just a means of showing my friends and family what I get up to as I am so far away from them.

Very excited as some friends are over from the Uk….meeting them Monday and so looking forward to it……..

Tchau…..anyone guess correct? it’s goodbye in Germanic.

Not long now folks 13 days…don’t know about you but I still have lots of shopping to do……So if you have to brave the hoards of shoppers this weekend…Good Luck…..Or are you an armchair shopper?……I’m a bit of both…..Have a great weekend all of you and Happy  Shopping, Cooking or Partying.

Until next time Joigin.









19 thoughts on “It is easier to get older than wiser!

    1. Carol Post author

      Thank you, Debby, and yes definitely the best bits…I am in the process of going through all old posts and checking links etc and reposting some…I did ramble though not very much structure…haha…But I am enjoying it…xx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Doctor Jonathan

    Love the picture and the ingenuity to fit all that in a car capable of transporting all that cargo/people. Takes a mind like an engineer to figure that arrangement! 🙂

    Completely agree with the “rubber calamari” you described. I’ll bet your preparation is the “bomb.” (This means “the best” in slang in case you didn’t realize.)


  2. Carol Post author

    Reblogged this on Retired? No one told me! and commented:

    I am in the process of updating my older posts… spellcheck was definitely required… lol…This one gives you an insight into my daily life and my favourite salad and the first one I was taught to make…The jewellery making now is on the back burner for the moment… So much to do and so little time… 30 hour days would be nice at the moment…Only kidding about the days xx


    1. blondieaka Post author

      It is one of my favorite salads…I never used to eat calamari until I tried this ..the only calamari I had ever had the misfortune to taste was the calamari rings coated in batter and were like tyre rubber… I hope you love this one as much as I do 🙂

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