Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It’s nearly here everyone and then after all that preparation it will be gone!

We are then left wondering why all the panic and last  minute present buying,cleaning and cooking. Was it worth it?

All the queues for the sales start Boxing Day and a lot of the presents we have lovingly bought and some have scrimped and saved to buy are now being virtually given away….why do we do it?

Along the way and through the years the true meaning of Christmas has been lost.

I remember getting a sock with a tangerine in the toe, little packets of sweeties, sugar mice maybe a couple of little presents and being so excited.We only had tangerines at Christmas. My dad would come home Christmas Eve with the Turkey or Capon,Fruit and Chocolates we would be so excited as we only had those goodies at Christmas and would be eagerly awaiting to be asked if we wanted one.

The dustman,milkman and coal man would get their tip and a mince-pie.

I would always get a Rupert the Bear Annual and new slippers and dressing gown. But we were happy..what happened…commercialisation happened…are children as happy with what they get now….I don’t think so..certainly not in the western world….and that’s what is highlighted here…I have noticed the difference in what is in the shops and what the children ask for even my own grandson who was born in the Uk and spent his first 6 years there…….he is happy to just get a new hot wheels car that changes colour and why?  Because his friends don’t have so much…the shops don’t display or have so much and who wants to play inside when you have lovely beaches and waterfalls to visit.

Yes you can get the latest  iphone etc and the young teenagers probably hanker after one but also just to have a cheap Nokia is ok too.

And we say ” must go shopping, we have nothing to eat”…what we really mean is nothing we fancy…..If you say you have nothing to eat here..thats what it social handouts and friends help and share…the elderly are looked after by their families…I could go on……but won’t bore you…we are certainly much happier,definitely less stressed, blood pressure…normal…that is the only normal thing about me …ha ha….it has never been normal…and now it is…..

Today has dawned and it’s dull and overcast..but still warm and humid…..Red Cabbage is simmering away, pastry made and chillin for mince pies and sausage rolls…taste testing of my homemade  Bailey’s is going well…hic…

Last few presents wrapped,

Well that’s it all done dusted and eaten..lots of leftovers….great dinner we were a combination of  US, UK and Deutschland nationals. We all tried dishes traditional to our cultures from Christmas Pudding and Mince Pies, Home Cured Ham, Pumpkin Dip with Ginger Biscuits and Red Cabbage it was good fun and most enjoyable.

Left overs cold meat, pickles, mash potato & hot sausage rolls , had friends over to help us and sent them home with a bag for their doggies..can’t do it 3 days on the trot…..gotta have something different tomoz…..chilli or spag bol or Thai food…..mmmmm Thai food it is…wins hands down…..I get withdrawal   symptoms and have to have my chilli fix.


Weather here is defo on the blink ,rain again and supposed to be high season……Come on sunshine……but it’s still hot… it…..

10 years ago today in 2004 one of the most devastating natural disasters in living history occurred….. it was a hugely traumatizing event.

The tsunami, which hit communities here in Thailand and Indonesia, Somalia and Madagascar, was sparked by a massive, 9.1 magnitude earthquake which struck off the western coast of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia.

The immediate impact was devastation. A staggering five million people needed humanitarian assistance in the first few days following the incident.

The hardest-hit countries  were Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand — people from all walks of life so immediately and profoundly affected gave assistance in their thousands. It shook people to the very core of their being.

Almost everyone had or knew someone affected by this tragedy.

Recently a young  lady got news of her father,unfortunately it was not good but she was able to bury him and mourn properly and here still there are 400  people laying in  metal coffins marked with coded numbers..there are  foreign tourists, Thais and migrant workers although some were working illegally so had no identification and families are or were to scared of being arrested or deported to make enquiries.

It is certainly very sad that so may lie there with no names and just a number.

The answer to the last goodby….. Hwyl fawr was easy it is Welsh.

Oooooopps just realised not one picture  …….Our Christmas Turkey in all it’s glory.

SAM_6285…….lovingly cooked by my son.

Moikka and thank you once again for reading my blog. Back to normalwith the next blog …..more pics for you. Promise.

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