A New Year is like a blank book! The pen is in your hands! Happy New Year.

Hello and a ” Happy New Year ” everyone.

Good News!

On  Friday 26th December Mee & Payu became parents…….both Gibbons are under the care of the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre here in Phuket and Mee gave birth to twins, one boy and one girl, an exceptionally rare occurrence in gibbons.

There are no known documented cases of white-handed gibbons successfully raising twins, either in the wild or in captivity; they’re simply not built to handle more than one baby. It, therefore, came as no surprise when very quickly  Mee struggled to manage the twins, who were clinging more to each other than they were to their mother. Despite her best efforts to carry them around, the smaller of the two babies eventually fell from high in the trees, fortunately landing on the soft, springy top of the acclimatization cage underneath. Mee quickly came down and picked him up again but neither infant seemed to find the right position on her body and at times she could be seen carrying them in her feet. After several hours, overwhelmed and exhausted, Mee sadly abandoned them both on the roof of the cage.Born 26 th Dec 2014 twins

The staff at the Rehab centre quickly intervened and made a makeshift ICU for the tiny twins.

…………Twins Born @ Bang Pae Gibbon rehab…….The project said…….” Both twins are back with their mother in the forest after their intensive care stint with GRP staff over the weekend!

On Friday afternoon a confused Mee abandoned both her newborns on the roof of the release cage. Because neither infant had been seen nursing all day, staff had to act quickly to ensure their survival and the babies were rushed to the GRP office where they received intensive overnight care. On Saturday morning the larger, female infant was returned to the forest and presented to Mee, who now had been tempted back into the release cage. To our joy, the new mother came straight over to collect her baby and the rest of the day she was seen caring for her and nursing her very tenderly. It appeared her maternal skills had now kicked in properly!

The smaller male infant spent another 24h being cared for around-the-clock by GRP staff, but on Sunday morning it was decided that we would try to see if Mee would accept him back into her care too. We were extremely pleased when this amazing first-time mother came to collect her second infant as well, cradling both of them in her lap!

Although there are no reported cases in the world of a gibbon mother successfully raising twins on her own, the rarity of this situation is unprecedented and advice from gibbon experts around the world has been to leave the babies with the mother as long as both are nursing. Mee’s maternal instincts now seem very strong and she is also being intensively monitored by GRP staff and receiving support and supplemental feeds. She will now have a chance to raise both her babies herself.

It is however clear that neither baby would likely have survived without the staff intervention over the weekend.”

A lovely story with a happy ending...I will have to go in a few weeks and pay them a visit and feel so lucky to live where such wonderful things happen…. that makes you realise that the world is not all bad…… After all the tragedy that has happened over the last few weeks and my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected it is lovely to hear something as heartwarming as this……..

How do I follow that???……… let’s think…can you hear those clogs whirring?

Those of you that had snow were lucky…….but now Christmas is over my thoughts turn to the New Year and what lies ahead and I can’t wait………

Zorbing or Rollerball is where we were on Boxing day…and NO. I didn’t…

SAM_6304…….SAM_6294……..A flying entry and then rolled at great speed down a hill…..  I left that to my grandson,  I think I will stay with my feet firmly planted on terra firma thank you very much.But Aston had great fun as did the other participants…haha I made a great spectator.

Today I am just chilling with a glass of vino and tomoz…Pool Party Time and then 31st we will be bringing in the New Year… BBQ on the beach……Good Friends…Fireworks…Happy Times…Who will have the best firework display London, New York or Australia??????

I would also like to wish everyone who reads my blog an amazing New Year, The families of the Air Asia Tragedy love and to my friends who are sick may you have a speedy recovery and to everyone else Good Health, Happiness, Peace.

Happy 2015.( Pics will follow in the next blog)

Moikka is Finnish for goodbye…how many of you knew that?

Goodbye ( and that’s English) until we meet again in 2015.

Thank you for reading my blog.


10 thoughts on “A New Year is like a blank book! The pen is in your hands! Happy New Year.

    1. Carol Post author

      Tomorrow Robbie and the next day..It is in hand… Thank you for reading it is agreat organisation and we sponsor one of the gibbons it all helps them 🙂

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  1. Carol Post author

    Reblogged this on Retired? No one told me! and commented:

    Another of my archived posts from 3 years ago…I am having fun but did I ramble on some of them…Haha knew I could talk but… This post is one of my favourites as it is mainly about happy things and The Gibbon Rehab Centre does an awesome job of saving and releasing the Gibbons back into the wild where possible.

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