Day 4. Blogging 101.

Ohhhhh been racking these ole brains for the last hour and I guess with me…. it’s don’t think just start typing and generally as my fingers are an extension of my mouth …that works……

Dream reader?????

Is it???? The best of the best Food Blogger?

Is It????? The best of the best Political Debater…….. Always wanted to be Prime Minister…..

And I grew up watching Maggie and have always aspired to being like her… you know!

Is It??????  My Mum…cos she would not even know how to switch on a lap top or the like….but I would just love her to read something I had written….SAM_3947 (1)My mum having fun..borrowing said grandsons ( in the background) baseball cap….she is amazing and I love her so much.

Is It?????? well I could go on….please I hear you groan…..Please DON’T.Ha Ha…what’s it worth then?????

Now comes the hard bit for  me….the graphics or add ins/ons  mmmmmmmmm well I am in my dotage..all you young things out there….and I will say…yesterday when I read …loads of blogs ..the most ever… I loved most of them and so wish I had started carry on you are all amazing…well some I will say…no names or pack drill..were boring!!!…..

So from one whimsical Lady to all you other amazing Blogging 101 ers I hope to read some of your Dream Reader posts and please feel free to comment on mine.

I wonder what tomorrows Blogging 101 task will be I am excited are you?

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