Life doesn’t just happen, it requires our participation.


My week has been a mixed bag and  I have got quite engrossed in  ” The Commons” and realised I haven’t blogged since 10th Jan…normally my brain is buzzing and I am away…and not with the fairies…haha.

I normally don’t comment on world affairs…but I have been truly saddened and continue to be so at the world and current events …does anyone not learn? why do some make excuses…are we all not in charge of our own destiny? and yes I know about people who are not as well-educated, had a bad or impoverished upbringing but is that really a reason for some actions that have been taken…

Malala Yousafzai the youngest ever winner of the Nobel Prize laureate has been shot and nearly killed… has that dampened her quest for peace and education in her country…NO actually…….

Would I have given up under those circumstances…would you take that same stand she has  …I don’t know……but I do know that we have to be accountable……true to ourselves and I am truly sad and have listened to a lot of the debates etc….can a person just not be truly evil?…….

I know 1st hand how one person’s life was lived under such a regime where every step, phone call, letter was monitored, recorded…. the fear that if you didn’t conform then not only yourself but your family would suffer……it was endless……did they become what a lot of their fellow countrymen did …No!…

They worked hard and tried to be a good person. So although I acknowledge that fear and terror is a large contributing factor, I struggle to understand why well-educated people seem to see some sort of …. don’t know…is it the quest to be infamous?..the glory they perceived they will receive……either here or in the afterlife……

I know politics must play a huge role…and that I don’t want to understand…accept to ask why? Why do people continue to suffer and be killed..children, mothers, fathers it must stop…..will it? No…

I don’t believe it will …from the inception of our lovely world there has been killings in the name of Politics or Religion and all faiths and party’s have or are guilty of this through the ages……

It is such a shame that in the aftermath of all this that some inflammative articles are in print. Iyad Madani, Former Culture Minister for Saudi Arabia and now head of Jeddah based OIC has a valid point when he says ” Freedom of speech must not become a hate speech and must not offend others.

No sane person, irrespective of doctrine, religion or faith accepts his beliefs being ridiculed.” And now churches are being torched around the world and although I have every sympathy for the victims of some of these abhorrent acts of violence, kidnapping’s, hostage taking….. there must be better ways of dealing with these atrocities……..

My mum always taught me never to argue about Politics or Religion as there would never be a winner and I think she is correct…… but it still saddens me …….


Normal blogging service will resume with my next blog…….   I just had to say something……XX


5 thoughts on “Life doesn’t just happen, it requires our participation.

  1. marisselee

    One of your best blogs ever — this side of yours you always hide from the world and I do not understand why lol. In 2015, I was busy defending Malala in various comment forums because she was being highly criticized even by her own countrymen. To many Pakistanis, Malala is a western puppet. I believe there is truth in that — I do not doubt that. A teen girl will not achieve that much without grown-ups behind her. BUT, I am the type of person who would always choose to see the good in every one. And so while I acknowledge their sentiment to be true, I give weight to the fact that notwithstanding the fact that she is being used for political reason, still Malala is able to inspire women to be better and has helped in pushing education of women. Just for background info, my Pakistani friends think that the west is using her to push modification in Pakistan educational system. It is, of course, a fact that in the past colonizers always use language as a tool in dominating another race — and that came either in the cloak of religion or education.

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    1. Carol Post author

      Yes it is definitely a double edged sword and there will always be those in the backgroud who have another agenda but she has also served the purpose of inspiring other women…Nothing is ever as it seems in this complex world of religion and politics…But thank you I do raise my head above the pulpit on occassions and have my say…I hope you are having a wonderful weekend x


      1. marisselee

        Weekend is me still buried in paperwork — I just peeped at your blogs but those 2 caught my attention and so I blab hahaha. I agree, nothing is ever at it seems. We just have to take the good from bad. Please write your heart more 😉 – I love the cooking diva but I love the soul also…now I cannot decide which one is numero uno 😂


  2. Doctor Jonathan

    Words that should be spoken, heard and acted on. So many choose, instead, to withdraw and pretend these atrocities don’t actually exist.

    We live in a world where people frequently complain about their personal circumstances. Of course, they neglect to realize the freedoms and opportunities available to them while complaining about their personal dissatisfaction.

    When these same people discover how kindness and compassion for others reduces the negativity so many of us surround ourselves with, personal dissatisfaction with life begins reversing itself. In a round world (which is the shape of the world we live in) kindness, compassion and GIVING to others produces kindness, compassion and personal gain for ourselves. Once we move beyond self absorption, we become capable of embracing this blessing.

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