And today we cook!

Hey there everyone I’ve been thinking..yep that was the clanking you heard…ha ha…cogs are a bit rusty…he he.

I love writing and love cooking……

But…..I think the twain don’t really meet…well not in one blog… I thought…. one will just be my thoughts and ramblings of the moment and of those I have plenty……then  have a separate one for cooking’ and recipes, cakes,biscuits,brining,pickling,Thai Food and lots more.

So what do you think??????

Am I on the right track????

Thoughts please!

Love you all and lets hear from you xxx

Oh and I made some yummy Buttermilk Bread today….with the help of my grandson mmmmmmm……just saying byeeeeeee.

2 thoughts on “And today we cook!

  1. Ivy Green

    Hi darling,
    I love the blog just as it is. Love to read your thoughts and your tasty recipes/pics are the cherry on the top.
    So why split it in two?
    Warmly, Ivy xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Hi Ivy..why thank you . I just thought maybe the recipes got lost among my thoughts …thank you for dropping my my blog.:)



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