We could learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, while others bright, some have weird names, but they all have learned to live together in the same box. ~Robert Fulghum

Crayons! They caused a few comments and who would have thought but I suppose life is like a box of crayons and we all certainly have to learn to live together in that same box…don’t we? Well, ideal world and all that but if we all work towards that then maybe this old world would be a much better place for us and our children and grand children.

You can just tell I’m maudlin, can’t you? Been a busy week ..lots of writing and cooking and thoughtfulness at life in general. Read some great blogs and some not so great but all thought-provoking in their own way so keep on blogging guys.This week I have been experimenting once again and marinaded some fish in Garlic, Olive Oil, and Vinegar but they came out great and got the thumbs up from our Polish visitor yesterday who went home with his goody bag of fish and pickled cucumber. Very easy once you have filleted the little fish.

Ingredients: For boquerones ( as they are called in Spain) 

  • 2Ib.( 1 kilo) Anchovies or other small fish.
  • 250-500ml White Vinegar.
  • 4-5 cloves Garlic.
  • 25ml.Virgin Olive Oil.
  • 4 Sprigs Italian Parsley.
  • Salt to taste.


Let’s Cook!:

Remove heads. Using your thumb remove innards and spine.

Rinse. Lay flat in a glass dish and freeze for 3 hrs. (Freezing the anchovies to -20C or -4F can prevent illness from parasites found in raw fish.)

Remove from the freezer pour in vinegar to cover.

Finely chop garlic add parsley. Sprinkle over fish.

Pour Olive Oil in dish and salt if required.

Cover tightly with cling film and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

They are now ready to eat.

I will now ( hopefully) treat you to another of my short stories and not a dark one as one of my friends and critics commented on some of mine. She said ” for such a sunny, happy lady  you sure have some dark thoughts and she thought this one was much better..haha

Attending a writers retreat we were taken to this shop and given a set time to pen a story all I will say is that it shows how my brain goes off on a tangent at times 🙂

The Junk Shop by Carol Taylor.

Off we set, some in the Tuk, Tuk, one fulfilling the dream by hanging off the back and the remainder of our intrepid little band of writers elected for shank’s pony.

“Rather you than me in this heat,” I thought.

We set off down the hill, around the corner and within minutes pulled up outside this virtual Aladdin’s Cave. Yippee!  Who knows what goodies and treasures lurk within?

The little wizened Thai man sitting somewhere in the middle like a jewel in a crown looked somewhat amused at all these farangs who were coming from all directions. I wandered along those dusty isles looking, searching for that special find.

Suddenly, the clumsy klutz that I am tripped and went flying through the gap that had appeared before me. Landing on my butt the freezing wet, cold snow hit me!

Looking around all I could see was snow. Snow!  Must have hit my head I thought. I know I was sweating buckets and wished I was cooler. But This!

I gingerly stood and looked around in amazement all I could see was white, white and more white.

snow covered treesI must be dreaming. But No. Here I was standing in the snow in my flip flops. Noticing a beautiful white flower. I bent to smell it, the perfume wafting upwards invading my senses, conjuring up pictures of pine trees and Christmas.  Plucking one of the flowers I straightened up.

This was eerie.

“Hello?” “Anyone there?”

Silence. I began to panic. Then the blackness engulfed me.

“Carol, Carol are you ok?” Someone was slapping the side of my face. I opened my eyes to see Anne looking down at me.  A worried expression on her face. I gingerly moved my legs, my arms; everything seemed to be in working order.

I was back.

Anne and Jason helped me to my feet and walked me slowly to the waiting Tuk Tuk. I must have been dreaming. Feeling something in my hand I slowly opened it and my eyes widened.

Nestled in the palm of my hand was a beautiful white flower.

I hope you enjoy the  fish recipe and my scribblings until next time stay safe and enjoy life xx


15 thoughts on “We could learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, while others bright, some have weird names, but they all have learned to live together in the same box. ~Robert Fulghum

  1. anroworld

    A very wisdom thought about crayons, just amazing! I continuously think that we do not know how to live in this big world and we suffer from it. Why not to be more human and kind and just accept each other as we are…world could be brighter and happier!

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  2. olganm

    I had miss the original post. Thanks for sharing. Great quote and I’m a big fan of boquerones (although must confess I rely on my mother’s great boquerón making skills). ♥

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  3. Tejaswi

    You see…? I do read 🙂 Not just click Like the moment I set eyes on a post 🙂 (But a darn good test to check how many people actually read or not hehe)..

    On another note: what does the psycho-analysis of that story tell you? 😀 That you prefer snow to sand?

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      mmmm only newly laid snow..ha ha and it tells me I have a weird brain that goes off on a tangent..just like that and on the 23rd it will go into free fall as I am going on my second writers retreat a week of workshops etc and lots of writing oh and vino..he he 🙂 heaven oh yes

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