Dogs are not our whole life but they make our life whole Week 3 of life with Saang Chai.

It’s been a mixed week this week… we love our not so little “Soi Dog” puppy will he tell you it’s been all sweetness and light or will he tell it ….warts and all?

Woof,woof hello there…. I like this blogging bit I get to tell my story and yes in reply to my mistress I always am truthful …….well mostly…

I have been quite naughty this week ….woof…well I like my forever home, I have not had my own bed and yummy bones before…ever.. woof… so a puppy’s got to do what he’s got to do..hasn’t he? Ok then paws up ..woof… well it was more of a growl…I don’t want you coming in MY house..go mistress is just for me, I don’t want to share….she stroked me and patted me and told me it was ok they were her friends..not mine..woof so I kept growling but they still came in….

WOOF..GROWL  not on my watch… you move …just move… growl..they just wouldn’t go so I reminded them every so often that it’s my house and my mistress. Oh Yehhhh..

She kept saying she was really sorry and she didn’t know why I was doing it…WHY?  woof woof it’s my house….

Well next day my mistress was talking to one of her doggy friends….  Uh oh… am I in the dog house…sounds like it…yikes think I’ll go and chew my bone…….nice bone woof….

Yeh we going for a walk..on goes the harness.. I am so excited that it takes awhile and my big master keeps telling me to stand still…but I’m going for a walk.

Ok out the door..uh oh..woof..Oh No! Not in truck it makes me sick…I tried to dig my paws in but I got picked up and put in……Oh No!

It was a quick ride and we were had lots of water and grass so me and Aston we just run and run.

SAM_7059We met some dogs but they were ok and I wasn’t bothered I had lots to sniff……Then my mum unclipped my lead and wey hey I could sniff and run all on my own it was fun..the water was nice but I only sat on the edge and dipped my paws in, is very big… that water goes a long way out.SAM_7067 SAM_7068 SAM_7070……..then it was time to go…my little master called me but I was having too much fun… my mistress said to him ” Come on Aston let’s go” and they walked off….woof…..Not having that! I soon run after them …woof..getting tired anyway…….then my mum..she is quite clever for a human said to my little master ” never run towards a dog if you are trying to catch them, walk away and they will follow”

How did she know that? she is one clever human.

I was sick  again on the way home, I don’t like going in that truck it makes me sick…..

Home…and bath time with Aston..that was fun…now sleep….

Woof..growl..who’s that!


Woof uh oh…she sound fierce..

Lets try again..grrrrrrrrrr NO!

Woof my mistress is not happy…..everytime I even gave a little grrrrr she said ” NO! “

Oh dear… I think she doesn’t want me to do that and I think she means it…she always pats me and talks to me and tells me they won’t hurt me those people who come in my house…..but not any more …woof she is just saying NO! in that you will do as you are told voice…best go lay down and sleep……..But I still like it here…woof woof see you next monday woof woof .

11 thoughts on “Dogs are not our whole life but they make our life whole Week 3 of life with Saang Chai.

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      He is a little treasure…the pile of chewed flip flops is getting higher though..little devil but you can’t be too cross can you he is a sweetie 🙂 Lets see if he is truthful in his Monday blog…mmmmm 🙂


    1. blondieaka Post author

      Certainly is George and this blogger never,ever thought she would let her dog write a blog but I’m actually enjoying it and have had some great feedback . Hope you are having a good day 🙂


  2. Yvonne

    I like that you are guarding your new family, and I think you will soon find out which are the friends and which ones you can be protective with. You’re a lucky little dog, and very handsome.


    1. blondieaka Post author

      Woof,woof thank you Yvonne very nice of you to say I am a handsome boy woof my mu says too and yes I think I will soon get to know which are her friends woof.. they laugh a lot woof

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