Dogs are not our whole life but they make our life whole. Week 4 of life with Saang Chai.


Welcome to my world and my life with my humans.

Woof what an exciting week I have had …my mistress thinks once again I may not be very truthful but I am and those flip-flops well I have heard my mistress telling my little master and my big master not to leave them laying about ……..she tells him that I am just a puppy and if he leaves them where I can get them I will chew them…he he and I did…she told him off…not me..woof.

But I think that maybe if I chew any more she might tell me off..but she went out in that big truck….. you know the one that makes me sick……and when she came back she had bought me lots more toys……a ball that I am really trying to chew but I can’t get through it…I think it’s one of them Kong things……..but it’s fun when my little master throws it …we have so much  fun running and chasing balls and wrestling…. we roll about the floor and play…I like him……he doesn’t get up so early as me though so I’m just chewing my bone and waiting for him.

My mistress is still very stern with me when her friends come and tells me ” No” but she was telling her friend she was very pleased with me because I don’t keep barking at the lady next door when she puts her clothes on the line. I want to  please my mistress as she is very kind to me she made me some yummy chicken to go with my biscuits …I heard her tell my master that  ”  tinned food is not good for him”………..I like it here…I have a nice bed and get lots of walks and pats…

I don’t like it when I go for a walk sometimes… some things are still new and scary …but they tell me it’s ok and we go another way..but they still keep trying to take me the scary way……maybe today I will walk past that tree that looks scary….. I’m sure my master will not let it hurt me …he carries a stick with him when we go for a walk……..I think it’s to make sure there is nothing in the grass when we are walking along.

Oh Oh… bed washing time …every monday it goes in this thing that shakes a  bit and makes some noise but it doesn’t bite  me and my blanket comes out all nice ..I like that smell….AND after today I can go out in the big garden as a man has come with this big thing..but my mistress says it won’t hurt’s to get rid of those horrible little things that bite me..she called them ants…..

Well I’m off…… going to the they say…I hope I like it …my little  master says there is water we can go in and swim, it sounds like fun….I’m sure my mistress will take lots of pictures and if she shows me I will put them on my blog next Monday.

She tells me I am getting quite famous now and getting lots of ” Likes” so please if you want to keep in touch and follow my adventures then I think you press the Follow and Like buttons..this internet and blogging is quite confusing for a puppy……… Off to the beach now……

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