I won’t be impressed with technology until I can download FOOD!

I had so many positive comments on the above title and I really like it…so I have decided that when I do recipes that will be the title….

I do a mix of recipes that I have gathered over the years and in my time here but if there is anything you would like me to do… then please ask….I don’t bite and if I don’t know what it is I am happy to research and give it whirl…. so please ask…and I might learn some new recipes myself in the process so it will be a  win, win all round.

Now all does not always go to plan in my kitchen…and when disaster strikes…. it strikes and this time it was my Mango Chutney….I burnt it!SAM_7112   Take Two!

Mango Chutney.


4 Green under ripe Mangoes.

3cm Fresh ginger finely diced.

3 cloves garlic finely diced.

500 gm sugar.

1tsp salt.

1/2 tsp dried chilli.

1tsp cumin seeds.

2 cardamom plus 4 cardamom seeds.

7cm cinnamon stick.

5 whole cloves.

250 ml vinegar I use Apple cider but have used white vinegar and malt.

5 black peppercorns crushed.


Peel mangoes and cut in small strips.

Place mangoes in large pot Crush diced ginger and garlic in pestle and mortar and stir into mangoes.SAM_7105 SAM_7107 SAM_7108 SAM_7109

Stir in sugar,salt,chilli,cumin,cardamom,cinnamon and cloves.Stir to blend. Cover and leave overnight at room temp. N.B. We are prone to ants here so put water into a shallow tray and put bowl in centre the ants won’t swim the moat..ha ha

Next day place mangoes in heavy bottomed saucepan over medium heat.Cook stirring occasionally until mix starts to thicken about 30-45 mins.Stir in vinegar and crushed peppercorns and cook for a further 3 minutes.

Put into warm sterilised jars. Once cooled I keep in fridge where if you live in cooler climes a cool larder will be fine. This makes 3 medium-sized jars.SAM_7128     Enjoy !  It goes well with  my Indian curry recipes.

It was my increasing of years day on Thursday…..Birthday…. so my son cooked me Jerk Fish. It was the best fish I had tasted , very well cooked , spicy, spicy skin but the fish, sweet and lovely.

Jerk Fish:


3 medium size Perch.

I tbsp All spice berries or ground all spice.

1 tbsp black peppercorns

2 bay leaves.

1 large pinch ground cloves.

1/2 tbsp muscovite sugar.

Few sprigs Thyme picked and chopped.

Few sprigs fresh coriander chopped.

3-6 birds eye chillies finely chopped.

2 clove garlic finely chopped.

3cm fresh ginger.

2 spring onions.

zest of 1 lime.

1 tbsp olive oil

11/2 tbsp honey.

2 tbsp golden rum ( optional)

Slash fish 3 times across diagonally and put in oven proof dish and put on one side.

Pound all spice, pepper corns and bay leaves together. Mix in cloves, sugar and honey. Add herbs, chillies, garlic, ginger and bash together.

Tip into jug and add chopped tops of spring onions, lime zest, a drizzle of oil, a pinch of salt and the rum if using. Mix well.

Pour marinade over the fish and massage well in both sides( it’s a good idea to wear gloves for this )SAM_7116

Leave in fridge to Marinade for at least one hour.

Pre-heat oven to 220 degrees or gas 7. Cook for 20-30 minutes until slightly charred and cooked.

SAM_7119   Serve with Lime slices, Salsa and rice or new potatoes. This marinade can be used with Chicken or Pork.

That’s all for now I hope you enjoy…..  for you pie and custard lovers it will be treacle tart next time.SAM_7123xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…Love you all have a lovely evening, be happy and laugh a lot ..




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    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you for the visit and follow yes it is however my Indonesian fiend posted her recipe so when I need to make some more I will try it her way and if it tastier will post….the Beetroot chutney on a previous blog is good too. Am also now following you too..nice blog so looking forward to having another look around it 🙂


  3. Belinda Crane

    Yay! Brilliant idea! I do love that title. It’s a good warning for me to come back and read when I’m not peckish! Bee x

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      It is actually ,quite a lot of ingredients and quite spicy but the fish underneath was lovely. I think I may try it with Chicken next 🙂


      1. Fiona

        I might use less chilli. Will have to try with chicken or pork because it’s not often we get whole fish. And as for perch, that’s a whole different story.

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      2. blondieaka Post author

        Bream or any white fish would probably be ok Fiona..oh that’s a shame , we are close to the coast so we get lots of fish which is lovely. But don’t why a fillet wouldn’t be ok..it would cook quicker let me know how you get on 🙂

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