Dogs are not our whole life but they make our life whole. Week 9 on Life with Saang Chai.

Woof and what a lovely sunny day it is little masters…sister arrived with her mum last night…. she is little but seems ok… she throws my balls for me..I just have to remember to be gentle and not knock her over….. my master said……woof I’ll try….

I know I have to be truthful with you guys as my mistress will tell you on her blog…but I run away today..well didn’t run…I was sniffing and following my nose and found some lovely things to sniff….. all different smells and then realised I wasn’t still in my garden. Then I saw my little master running after me and saying “Come back you naughty boy”…I was having fun in the pineapple plantation but he was worried about snakes biting I had to let him take me back home……it was fun though…woof

I have made some nice friends since having my blog..humans like Lynz and Mag something…it’s a long name…..woof can’t say it and doggy ones Farley and Rocky..his mistress said he used chew like me…I just really lick things you know…..but he doesn’t now…I think they are hoping I won’t soon…..woof… master dog sat me while my mistress went out and I was just licking the wall outside her office..that paint just falls off you know..woof and I chewed her phone as well..just saying…she didn’t tell me off..she said she couldn’t..she is nice…….phone still works though, it was just the battery cover…. but I got some more new  toys so I guess I better chew them….

Sleepy now been running about  chasing balls and little girls…..anyone want to rub my tum????SAM_7016   Laters…woof


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