Saang Chai ….my life with my humans!

Woof…..sorry everyone and Janet ( I know you missed me cos my mistress told me) but my mistress has been away on some Writers Retreat so I couldn’t write…she took her laptop with her and  left me with my big master and little master. She was away a long time and I really missed her because she is nice to me and when I am naughty she sticks up for me…….well…SAM_7054

I suppose I had better be truthful… when she was away I was really naughty……I chewed the new door..well ..can’t say I licked it any more can I and my master he smacked me very hard..with his flip-flop. I was quite miffed at that and when my little mistress come to play…I was so grumpy I growled at her…I know I shouldn’t…and I was sorry..but I got another smack….I couldn’t wait for my mistress to come home she is nice to me..well my master is really he just doesn’t let me get away with being naughty…woof

But he let me out in the big garden and  I was good I only dug a few holes woof ……..I can have more fun now because I can chase my little master when he on his bike and we do have fun.

My big master is ok really he always shares his toast with me in the mornings.

But now my mistress is back I get lots of cuddles and treats and I can sleep in her study while she writes which is nice…cos she has the aircon on and it’s lovely and cool.

When she came back she took me to the vets to get my claws clipped and she bought me a new lead…a nice blue one with pictures on it….because well.. while she away …Because I am much bigger now I can reach it …. I chewed the clip of the end so it won’t go on my harness anymore when I go for walks… so I suppose I was quite naughty while she was away…woof…they haven’t noticed the wall yet or if they have they haven’t said…so don’t tell on me will you?

Maybe she will take me with her next time…What do you think?

22 thoughts on “Saang Chai ….my life with my humans!

  1. Bing

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  2. Kristina Stanley

    Farley here – I think you’re mistress should take you with her. She will write better if you’re there. I always help my human write and I listen to her read aloud. She loves that. And don’t worry about being naughty. You were just lonely.

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  3. Michael

    This was truly very humorous in nature, your best friends will do that you know. Just be glad the unmentionables were protected. I needed a good laugh to end this day!

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      Why thank you Michael so pleased it made you laugh sometimes where Saang Chai is concerned my laughter is hysterical but love him to bits…Whilst you are end of your day the sun has just risen here 🙂

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      Woof sussed I just lay there and start sniffing , licking and before know I am chewing and I do think oooopps what have I done…but too late! I don’t chew flip flops any more though..woof

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