Happiness is???????


What is happiness? Well, I think it’s what you make it…..for me it’s family, friends, my dog, a sunny day..too much, I would be here for ever…. it’s anything that makes you smile.

Our daughter is over from the Uk so we have been exploring, showing her our world here….she has tried fried ants..jury’s out on that one…ha ha..the frogs she gave a miss….


Bang Phut… a little Sea gipsy village she loved….

Sea gypsy villageWe ate fresh sea food and lovely fresh mango salad a virtual feast. Life so tranquil here, a world away from the hustle and bustle which is London or any other city.

Also on our agenda was Wat Bang Riang..this temple is one I visited a while ago and wanted to take her to see, it is so lovely but very remote..this time we went armed with pictures and like the previous time when we didn’t find it..on showing a little Thai lady our pictures her face broke into a smile as she pointed at this sign, very much hidden by a large bush and we were only 5 minutes away……. little do we know how many other intrepid travellers did the same as us and drove in, saw nothing but an abandoned temple and drove away…. disappointed??? For us ..not this time… We found it!

12438972_10208356197080417_4444443001970834483_n  wat bang riang wat bang 12523111_10208356198240446_4953626028331349343_n 12509297_10208356196840411_5332725790380474060_n 

A delightful temple tucked away in a valley..absolutely beautiful, we were so pleased we had found this gem on this trip and could show our daughter.

On arrival, you will be given traditional Thai trousers and tops to wear if your attire is not suitable…Shoulders should be covered, knee length skirts or shorts are ok. Monks live here and it is a peaceful, respectful haven where you will see lots of beautiful statues, a lovely seated golden Buddha, a large imposing statue of Kwam Im who is the Chinese goddess of mercy. This is my personal favourite.

There are a lot of steps down to see her but for those who cannot there is seating and they can watch and drink in the views which are all around you, neatly tended fields on the side of the mountain and so steep….How the farmers get there I don’t know but they do they must be as nimble as mountain goats.

view from Wat bang Riang Phrang Nga

I hope if you go, you enjoy this Temple as much as I did…I have been twice and will go again.

That’s all for now..it’s time for a sundowner…Chok dee Ka ( Cheers)


I hope you enjoy reading my posts and it takes you to Thailand from your armchair. If you did please share or reblog so others can enjoy …


11 thoughts on “Happiness is???????

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  2. globalhousesitterX2

    Yes, I am definitely into focussing on the positive, life is too short to focus on all the crap in the world and so over the overly anxious focusing on their naval – rant over!! Lovely that your daughter is over, I am with her in that I would never eat frogs 🙂 Drink looks good



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