It’s Salad Time Again!

I am so pleased Colleen started Mindful Mondays as it’s made me focus and I have gone back to eating mainly Thai Food again, Eating “Farang” food was creeping into my diet as the pounds crept on and I didn’t feel great either. I felt sluggish and as I love Thai food can’t think why I let other foods creep in..laziness maybe, didn’t want to cook different food for everyone else.

Starting from last week I went back to having 2 tbsp Cider vinegar and a tbsp raw honey in 2 inches water before I drink anything at all when I get out of bed.

Then it’s my only cup of tea for the day made by hubby with skimmed milk and no sugar…I have never taken sugar in drinks anyway so that’s no loss.

Breakfast is sliced banana and 2/3 passionfruit. A glass of water.

About an hour later I have fresh coconut juice which I am having to buy as we have none ready on our trees at the moment…the plus side is they are ready prepared so I only have to slice a piece of the top and make a hole for my straw. Delicious.

Today I had Nam Doc Moo for my lunch with a very small helping of plain steamed rice. Nam Doc can be made with Beef or Pork…I use Pork as I eat very little Beef.

The pork( 200gm) is sliced very thinly and cooked in a little hot water. Once cooked about 4/5 mins, strain off the water, add couple squeezes of fresh lime juice, dried rice( 1 tbsp), dried chilli ( 1/2 tsp)and stir to combine, add a big handful of mint( leaves stripped from stem and 2 roots of chopped coriander, plus 2 small finely sliced shallots, stir well in a saucepan add fish sauce( 1 tbsp), taste and add more lemon/chilli if required. That’s it… a really fresh, tasty vibrant lunch dish.

SAM_7684N.B If I have the BBQ going I will cook meat on the BBQ and slice very thinly..either cooked in water or on BBQ is tasty and can be personal preference.

During the afternoon I drink water  and about 4 ish I partake in a vino or two diluted with a little soda water and lots of ice.

The evening meal is either another Thai Salad or tonight I had crispy pork with sweet potato mash and lots of veggies and that’s it until tomorrow morning.

I am certainly feeling much better and not sluggish and have dropped a couple of kilos so all good.

So that’s it, folks, when I am good I am very good and when I am bad..well I don’t beat myself up I start again tomorrow.

Enjoy, stay safe, have fun and laugh a lot until next time love you all.









16 thoughts on “It’s Salad Time Again!

  1. Silver Threading

    You know research points to eating a most plant-based diet is the best for us. The fact that it is THAI food (My favorite <3) makes it all the better. This is so close to how I eat already. I have to watch the jasmine rice. That makes me gain too. A little bit is fine. I have not eaten American rice for over 30+ years now. I can't imagine my life without jasmine rice! LOL! I will have to try this recipe. I can't get mint like you can, but I can get other greens that will work. A marvelous journey you are on. Farang food is not good for anyone! LOL! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. blondieaka Post author

      I know and I love it as you know….The Thai’s eat an extrordinary amount of raw fresh leaves every day with just a simple thick dip , more like a paste either made with chillis or with fish.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Silver Threading

        I can’t eat that much mint but have found that baby spinach works well as a substitute and is easy to find. Sounds yummy.


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