Saang Chai……my life with humans!

Shooooosh..Hey I’m mistress has gone to get a fresh Coconut drink and I thought I would sneak on…she has been working like a trojan on her book and a dog hasn’t had chance to get a word in…..I shadow her and zilch… but she’s been gone a while and I can hear her talking so if I type quick I can update you on my exploits…all good..woof!

We are moving soon and I am going on a plane not sure if I like that idea but spose it’s better than being in a truck or car for 18hours..that’s what mum says anyway and she knows best. I must have cage so she’s getting one from the vets this week to get me used to it..she doesn’t me to get scared..but I’m tough…wooof

We are getting a house…she said, with a garden that is walled in.. so Houdini can’t get out…I have never met this Houdini don’t know who they are, woof….

Our garden is big here with lots of trees and lots of places I can get out…..but I bring presents back……my mistress doesn’t like it though and my master went to see the man who keeps  putting presents out for me…he he …he has now put a cage round his black bags with such big gaps.. I can just walk straight in and get a bag… master is quite angry..but what’s a dog to do we all get the bags and love seeing what’s in them.


I was very sick the other week though and had to go to the vet…he gave me an injection and tablets and my mistress kept saying to me I was a silly boy and why did I eat things from these bags when she cooked me nice food…well she does…I get fresh cooked chicken and kidneys..all sorts and nice bones but I am a dog……woof



I don’t bark and growl at her friends anymore and then I get lots of pats so that’s good

Uh Oh…here she comes best go…until next time and I will tell you all about my plane ride…woof

11 thoughts on “Saang Chai……my life with humans!

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Self inflicted , silly dog…does he learn ? Oh No! Oiu mistress..woof ..get off my blog …’s my turn ..not yours…woof…..Ok Ok..I’m going…stroppy dog!

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  1. Yvonne

    hello, how nice to see you and hear from you again. Are those selfie photos? I hope the plane trip goes smoothly and you like your new home. Your life has changed so much!

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      Woof you are kind Yvonne and yes not bad for a novice..I take a good photo I think….I know it has much better than living on the streets ..I am snuggling up next to my mistress and she puts the aircon on for me, I am a lucky dog…woof…thank you for your visit I will let you know what my new home is like..woof Saangchai..


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