I once read an article which stated that we could go around the world with the people we knew and they knew in 6 people which is weird but true.

I have only know Sally from Smorgasboard through likes and shares but when you dig deeper we have a bit in common.

We both owned a tri – coloured Collie, ours was named Sam.


At one point we also lived fairly close to each other in the Uk and now we are both moving around the 15th April or thereabouts….coincidence or what?

Do you have any ties with someone you barely knew  or know but have things in common? Let me know….


5 thoughts on “Connexions!

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Yes he was, let me know how you get on it is amazing how we have so many connections without realising it 🙂 Thank you for your visit and comment 🙂


  1. annethewriter

    What a beautiful collie!!! The whole ‘6 degrees of separation’ is so true. When I moved to Dubai, my neighbour who became one of my dearest friends had lived in Fort Lauderdale, FL at the same time I did. We lived just a few streets apart and I passed by her condo all the time on the way to my favourite seafood restaurant. We frequented the same places and could easily have crossed paths. Seems we needed to meet each other at a different time and place (on the other side of the world)!

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