Gap! Hugh’s Photo Challenge!

Not one to pass on a challenge from Hugh @ Hugh’s Views Click Here I thought long and hard about this one….should I snap a gap in the hedge? The beautiful blue sea  as I gaze through the trees, the inevitable gap in my grandkids teeth when they are loosing their little  milkies and getting their big gnashers. The choices were endless.

So Mr. Hugh I chose this…..if you never hear from me again..she may kill me….Party’s on Bangtao beach and me I( my remains) will be in the firework which goes up at midnight 😉

Age Gap! One which I love to see  whether you are young or old you can learn a lot if you bridge that gap.

SAM_3838 (1)

My beautiful mum with my son’s friend now look what he made her wear…she looks mortified …NOT….that look of well….michief and fun I would say sums up my mum and definitely bridges that ” Age Gap”

SAM_3946 (1)

What else can I say but “I love that Lady who is my mum”



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