26 Weeks Letter Challenge: “A”

This challenge is to show some of the many pictures we take and also forget we have. It will also cause some racking of brains( Mine) I am sure. It is a 26 week letter challenge .Further info here Click here Will I manage to do the whole alphabet?…mmmmmm…AND Ihave just realised we are B already..DOH! So B will follow very shortly..

For me…. my first photo is  most people’s worst nightmare. Something we get many of here…..mostly humongeous..urggggggg

It is Arachnophobia!


My second is again little critters who keep invading us…

Their house: Ant Hills.


I am busy racking brains for a third..bare with me folks……

Got it!

Who else would it be but my little star, my handsome grandson…who is not named after the football team… Come on… he has more class, but that beautiful car which is the one and only …  the prestigious “Aston Martin”

I present it’s namesake….ta da…

Aston Songkram 2014

Pictured at the Songkram( Water Festival) 2014.

Next week ( Now) it’s ” B” brain racking already ..fun times…..

4 thoughts on “26 Weeks Letter Challenge: “A”

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you..everything comes out on Songkram..wigs, coloured shirts, facepaints it’s just a fun , big waterfight and if you want to get..stay home ha ha



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