26 Week Letter Challenge: “C”

Well what do we have beginning with ” C” let’s think…mmmmm .The first one is a given


A coconut tree…..one of my favorite drinks and I have a lovely fresh one every day. I just love my garden so many different fruits and herbs. All fresh and chemical free to boot.

Next do not be fooled……by that sweet innocent face..Scroll down and you will see…



The result of his “CHEWING.”

Next we have my little Curry Plants which I am nuturing along…




Next we have our beautiful Tri- coloured Long Haired “Collie” who was called Sam. He sadly is no longer with us he was one of our first dogs but such a lovely boy. And if you are listening Saang Chai he didn’t Chew.


One more methinks…I don’t want to bore you but I love this challenge..well I will until I run out of ideas and photos. But given where I live ….it’s got to be ” Cocktails” Oh yehhhhh! none other than my favorite Bloody Mary.

SAM_3108 That’s it for now peeps I was going to put my mug shot on as my name is Carol or Caz…..but I spared you..so much beginning with ” C” but one has to know when to stop ..doesn’t one? Please Click Here for link to lumar1298.

Will ” D ” be so easy? Thinking cap on already… until next time stay safe, laugh a lot and be happy 🙂

13 thoughts on “26 Week Letter Challenge: “C”

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you…They are my babies..ha ha…a nice man sent me some little seedlings and I have planted them out now in different places to see where they like it best, but taking a couple with me when I move and giving friends the rest.

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      He most certainly did..little so n so….I love this challenge, finding D harder so will have to go take photos as what I have thought about I don’t have any 🙂


  1. SD Gates

    You live in a most beautiful place. As far as chewing, I had a Great Dane that loved wooden windowsills. Oh that was so annoying, I don’t know how many windowsills I replaced. She ate an entire sofa one day, left the metal frame and a 3 foot layer of foam all over my living room. When I found her she was hiding in the bathtub behind the shower curtain, cowering. I didn’t get mad, because she was too cute and pathetic all at the same time!!!!

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      Oh No! Even Saangchai hasn’t gone that far..his was because we shut him in our outside part of the house when we went out he wanted to be inside . Now if we do leave him we leave inside and fingers crossed he is fine but you are right you can’t be cross with them can you? Saabgchai was a Soi Dog( Street Dog) so not used to being confined or even being tod what he could and couldn’t do so it was alearning curve for him . I make sure he has things he can chew.
      Yes we do live in a beautiful place it is lovely…every day there is something to amaze me.Nice to chat and thank you for your visit 🙂

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