Life with Humans by Saangchai.


Woof….Saangchai here. Yes I know it’s been a while ..don’t you think I look cute with one ear cocked?

It’s been so busy here, my mistress is moving and I am going on an aeroplane…not sure what that is … friend told me it’s like a big bird and it goes high in the sky…woof..not sure if I like the sound of that…. woof.

But I will then get to see my little master, he has already gone and I miss him lots. He used to run and play rough and tumble with me lots and now it’s very quiet here…just tap, tap on the keyboard…woof..wish she would let me  get on here a little more..write, write, write that is all my mistress does… woof

Well that’s not true really, she does play with me and I get lots of nice treats, she cooks me chicken and fish and for treats , yum I get cheese…I love cheese woof.

I hope I like my new home..I have heard  my mistress talk about some Houdini who won’t be able to get out now unless he is taken for a walk…woof ..I wonder who that is..never met him  woof…..

Well got to go….. Gekos to chase WOOF!



10 thoughts on “Life with Humans by Saangchai.

  1. Malctg - The Foureyed Poet.

    Hi blondieaka. I would not have a pet myself but love animals I often think they are better than most humans. Thank you for liking my poem “Accident!” Yes maybe it’s better we do not know what will happen. But humans are inquisitive as many have found out to their cost! Also for your great and thoughtful comment. Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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