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As I am wrestling with water leaking through the ceilings and some plugs/lights that work and some that don’t….so I am reblogging one of my favorite posts a cracking curry recipe from my friend Mamik and Thai Spicy Lemongrass Salad for those of you who love Thai food and may have missed them the first time around.

Retired? No one told me!

Kozhi Milagu (Pepper Chicken Curry)For all you hot curry Lovers…

Kohzhi Milagu ( Pepper Chicken Curry) Recipe  courtesy of my friend Mamik who provides me with authentic Indonesian Recipes….. Thank you Mamik another Cracker of a recipe but a scorcher or as my son put it he gets ring burn the next morning…….


500 gm chicken, thighs or breast cut into pieces.

1 chopped Onion.

1 cup chopped Tomatoes.

2cm cinnamon stick.

2tbsp ginger garlic paste..can use store bought, I just blitz tbsp garlic and tbsp ginger to paste.

1 tbsp ground chilli

1tbsp ground coriander.

1 tbsp ground white pepper.

1 tbsp Fennel Seeds.

1 sprig Curry leaves.

Salt to season.


Heat tbsp oil in wok and saute onion.

Add garlic and ginger paste mix well and cook 30 seconds. Add dry spices and stir to release aroma. Add chopped tomato, stir and add chicken…….N.B. if too dry add some water.

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