The Luffa( Loofah) Plant.

Wow..what a plant!

This long brown ,crispy baton like object that when shook sounded like a babies rattle revealed… when the skin was peeled away a ” Loofah”

To say I was amazed alongside lots of my blog readers is the understatement of the year.

This led me to doing some research and it is an amazing plant.

Not  only are the flowers edible you can cook this edible squash like gourd and have a Loofah. The plant produces both male and female flowersloofah-vine-loofah-flower-vine-flowering-vine is known as both a fruit and a vegetable. The male flowers come first followed by the female ones. It’s flowers all summer long and produces blooms up to 5 inches makes a wonderful screen in your garden and grows very quickly once established. In fact the fruits grow 1 1/2 inches per day. If you wish to eat them then they must be picked when they are gerkin size or no more than 4 inches in length as once the fibres inside toughen then they can longer be eaten.

They can be sliced finely and added to salad dishes or hot can be used a substitute for squash or egg plant.

Not only that if you crumble small pieces and add to soap when you make it, it has a pumice stone effect. It can be used to scrub pans…I am going to try a piece on my ceramic hob as apparently it doesn’t scratch, it has numerous uses and you could also sell the Loofahs to make some cash……It is one amazing plant and has too many uses for me to put in one blog..have a google like I did you will be amazed at what a versatile plant it is!


Oh and you can also purchase the seeds on Amazon….

These are the seedsSAM_7939 I got from one gourd which I will be planting tomorrow and once they start to sprout I will give you an update on their progress 🙂

Until next time stay safe, be happy and laugh a lot 🙂



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