Is it a Moringa Tree??


I came across a lovely recipe from and as you all know I will try any thing once 😉

And thus I began my hunt for the Moringa tree also known as the drum stick tree, horseradish tree or ben oil tree ?

The leaves look very similar to my Curry Plants but reading the recipe it used both Moringa leaves and curry leaves.

The curry plant has a slight point on the end of the leaves and are only babies…I am nuturing them tenderly.


Whereas the Moringa has rounded leaves. I have two trees in my garden which are very similar.

Tree One:

SAM_7953 SAM_7952

I have not been here long enough to see what the seed pods are like.. however another one on my estate is bearing small purplish berries and my grandson said a lady was picking the leaves?

Can anyone shed any light on this??????   Oh and the ” Luffa” is still growing at an amazing speed….just saying 🙂

Tree Two:

SAM_7958 SAM_7954

This tree is much larger but leaves are very similar to first and it just could be the same tree just at different stages of growth.

So I am calling on any Moringa tree experts/gardeners to solve my conundrum and  then I can either cook my curry or carry on my search for the Moringa Tree……






15 thoughts on “Is it a Moringa Tree??

  1. Eris Stevenson

    Hi, based on the picture of the tree I would say it’s not a Moringa Tree.
    Moringa branches tend to extend farther away from the trunk and are sparse.
    I would recommend you identify the species before eating it, edible moringa species:
    -Moringa Oleifera
    -Moringa Stenopetala
    -and to a lesser degree Moringa Concanensis and Moringa Peregrina
    If you look these species up, you can do a better comparison.
    Hope it helps.

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      I just love trying new things..and if we don’t like it then we don’t. My first husband said that to me ..go through the cookbook and try it and see…I will admit and this is 45+ years ago that I didn’t know what a clove of garlic was and used the whole bulb..he did eat it I will give him that..but I learnt and quick ha ha

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