A-Z Challenge (People Edition) Day 1.

I have decided to take up the banner..ta da….and participate in this challenge and I am sure it will be just that ……A little bird has told me someone is wrestling with Z..good luck with that one! I will probably have the smile wiped of my face when I get to Z…..Or I will probably resort to plagarism….Is that allowed in challenges?????

Now back business and ” A” which actually wasn’t that easy either…mmmm who thought this one up? Ha ha it was ….. https://gapawa.com/2016/05/24/a-z-challenge-people-edition/


So without much ado I will introduce you to https://ahundredyearsago.com/

Sheryl started her blog by posting excerpts from her grandmothers diary and then she had a blog holiday or a blogcation as she calls it and by all accounts enjoyed it but did miss blogging….. she is now back with ” A Hundred Years Ago”

It is a peek into life 100 years ago and recipes from them bought up to date and into the 21st century. I love the peek into the past and seeing old shopping lists 100 year old score card and how people chose their wares. This copy is just amazing can you imagine doing that now? Blogging twice weekly… one blog being a recipe, the second of the week being more general..often  food  related but a look at  how it was 100 years ago.

Seeing that ingredients in a lot of cases haven’t changed that much but where they have for example ” milk” it now comes in many guises not just fresh from the cow or goat. Sheryl has done her research for you, she enjoys her research into recipes and life in the 1900’s.

Sheryl discusses this and it is a fascinating and well researched look into the past and shows how much pleasure that she gets from doing this.

Take a look at her blog you certainly won’t be disappointed she can be found on https://ahundredyearsago.com/

Until next time when it will be “B”

Have fun, stay safe and laugh a lot 🙂




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