A-Z Challenge “D”(People Edition) 4th Post.

Oh dear…

I spent a good part of yesterday stalking blogs and lo and behold without trying today this lovely lady appeared https://divyadeepakrao.com/

This blog https://divyadeepakrao.com/ is a dream not only does it have delicious  recipes that are Indian spicy and amazing..it is ad FREE. It is a mixture of travel, food and some amazing art.

Divya is  an artist, teacher and  blogger who at one time had three separate blogs and has now merged them into one. Her photographs are amazing and complement this lovely blog.

Divya is an amateur baker and cake decorator . She experiments as well as  using treasured family recipes from the  South India of her childhood. Her recipes are all vegetarian and egg free unless Divya states in the recipe.

Her blog …A love story of New York… is beautifully written, you must visit this lovely blog to appreciate the work of Divya…..her artistry is also beautiful and I love her table. Lovingly hand painted…

Divya Isn’t it beautiful?


so pop along and explore https://divyadeepakrao.com/  you will not be disappointed 🙂


While I have been researching blogs my two biggest bugbears have been ads, comments(grrrr) and Gravatar…yes folks it’s that word again! Boy is this list growing… it could be a seperate blog soon….No!

And ” Just Saying” my baby Luffa is doing great…. still growing at an amazing pace 😉

Thank you Divya for agreeing to help me with my blog challenge…..I hope people enjoy your blog as much as I do 🙂

Oh and nearly forget to mention Gary who is the cause of my headaches…lol..but love the challenge   https://gapawa.com/2016/05/24/a-z-challenge-people-edition/

Phew this like doing an Oscar speech…   😉



7 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge “D”(People Edition) 4th Post.

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thank you Sheryl, it is fun because I am only promoting blogs that I really like and not just because they are popular.I have found some cracking ones…not easy to find so if you have any ideas for “E” let me know please 🙂



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