A-Z Challenge “E”(People Edition) 5th Post.

Is this challenge getting any easier…NO!….But am I having fun…YES!

My people person this time is the lovely Elisabet Regina whose blog can be found here https://ercloudwalker.wordpress.com/  her cover photo invokes a feeling of peace and calmness it’s all beautiful photography and lovely muted colours.

wpid-img_81619638697326   Don’t you agree?

I love her tag line…Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

I think that is true and a lovely analogy.

I am sure some of you will have come across her previous blog ” An Elephant Called Buddha “….I did and I love her take on life and it is similar to mine and I am sure some of you others… so pop over to Elisabet’s blog you will be taken by the peace which comes over you… as you read and also enjoy the many photos…

Her blog speaks of someone who has had nothing and has come through that with compassion and her dreams..because you have to have a dream and I am sure Elisabet that you have danced in the rain???

Thank you  Elisabet for being my “E” next it is “F” ( any ideas gratefully recieved)…… but before that for my friend and fellow bogger my “Luffa” is still a growing and climbing ….. this little update is for you.. Steph https://scrichmondblog.wordpress.com/…       Steph is a virtual gardener and loves hearing about my little ” Luffa” plant 😉

Lastly I best mention you know who …he who thought up this wonderful challenge http://gapawa.wordpress.com/

I’ll say it again.. this is definitely like an Oscar speech……I hope you like Elisabet Regina as much as I do 🙂  Please take a look at her blog and enjoy https://ercloudwalker.wordpress.com/




7 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge “E”(People Edition) 5th Post.

    1. blondieaka Post author

      It was just for you 🙂 ….Pictures tomoz it;s climbing everywhere( although a certain dog) called Saangchai pulled one up…I am going to do a post on the new web site I have been asked to write for ( a New York) one called ” My trendingstories” on the “Luffa” I hope you have a great day it’s now evening here 🙂

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