Chicken Liver Red Curry with Green Beans.

This lovely  spicy chicken liver dish is very easy and quick to make…..In Thai it translates to  Pad Ped Kuang Nai Gai Tua Fuk Yaao


try saying that after a few vino’s.

This dish is a family favorite..even hubby eats it and he doesn’t really do spicy but I think his love of liver takes over 🙂


350 gm Chicken Livers

4 or 5 long green beans.

Tsp Red curry paste….. depending on red curry paste you use you may need to add more…I use a locally made one which blows your head off …so only use a tsp and it is still hot!

1-2 tbsp Fish Sauce.

6/8 Lime leaves very finely sliced.

4 tbsp Coconut Milk.

Small amount of coconut oil.

N.B You can use oil of your choice I just always cook with Coconut oil.

Serve with steamed rice.


Clean and cut up chicken livers..I do bite size pieces.

Cut up long beans into half-inch long pieces.

Finely shred lime leaves…..I roll them and shred.

Heat Pan over fairly high heat, add a small amount of oil, add chilli paste and 1 tbsp Fish sauce stir until paste is liquid, add finely sliced lime leaves and chicken livers , stir  until just cooked.

Add green beans and coconut milk and cook gently for 2/3 mins.

Taste and add more fish sauce if required…I generally add about another half tbsp.

It is now ready to serve..this is quite a dry dish so can be served with a small bowl of miso soup with chopped spring onions if liked.

My Luffa plant is still growing like mad…..



I hope you enjoy the Spicy Liver my photo is not the best..steam got on my lens but it is a lovely dish……Thank you for reading this stay safe, laugh a lot and be happy!

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