Memory Lane.

I was doing my first job of the day….  answering comments and reading blogs on my reader and came across one of my favorite food blogs.

It was for a lentil curry and I do like a bit of spice

..yum it gets those taste buds a zinging 😉

Years ago when my kids were little and I don’t mind saying it was struggle at times …6 hungry kids to feed and I have never been a fast food mum…but have always cooked and loved it….Well… can you imagine buying jars of  pasta sauce to feed 6 hungry mouths and two adults every day?…plus any stragglers… Our food bill would have been off the scale.

So I was nothing if not inventive….. Well that green-moong lentil curry set of that lightbulb…I used to make this dish and it was a big one with a bacon Hock and a mix of dried lentils and veggies….cook it for a few hours and had this wonderful , warming stew full of soft melt in your ham/bacon …served with hot crusty Bread….One of my girls reminded me of this a while ago and said she remembered how lovely it was….

So thank you I will be away to my kitchen with a smile 🙂

8 thoughts on “Memory Lane.

  1. healthyindiankitchen

    You are a wonderful mum! There’s nothing better than preparing piping hot fresh food for your children. This gives birth to lovely memories.. .for both the mother and the kids! Its so cool that your daughter remember how lovely it used to be! Thank you for the share! 😃 ❤

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