Why has nothing changed?


I was just doing my early morning round-up of blogs in my reader and read this one https://dearlilyjune.wordpress.com/2016/07/12/unraveling-part-ii-on-the-occasion-of-being-a-failure-as-a-teacher/  Me? I looked at the picture and I really find it very hard to comprehend how one human can and does and Did.. do that to another…. It was over 50 years ago….It made ME think…really think…..I  don’t see how colour makes such a difference to how people perceive you…… I struggle to find words when I read and see racism as we see it now and realise how little if at all anything has changed over the years….

Does it come from us as parents ? Are we doing or not doing something which causes our children to perpetrate such heinous acts. Because the men who did that to Emmett Till were someones child….they had a parent..if they had no parent but another RESPONSIBLE  adult bringing them up..  what happened? What went wrong……My point is shouldn’t we all take some responsibility?

We argue that it should come from up on high…but isn’t that desolving OUR responsibility?

Should it not start from the bottom up?

Some may say I am very naive….maybe I am……I just do not understand such hatred and violence….I know the world will never be perfect….Utophia doesn’t exist…

But we should see some change….Do we? ….NO!…WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY IS IT?   Is it mine? Is it yours?, Is it God’s?, Is it the man around the corner who lives in the second house on the right with the blue door?

That face from over 50 years ago..that smiling boy….will now haunt me….


12 thoughts on “Why has nothing changed?

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Yes I think so as you knw George it just made me so sad when I read that post which promted mine..:) I hope all is good where you are George and your grandson is doing well 🙂

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  1. Ritu

    God…. This is so sad….
    The first responsibility is the parents. They are the primary influence on any child, or those early care givers.
    Then, fortunately or not, the next huge influence on a child will be his/her teacher. This is a huge responsibility on our shoulders, as many children have warped views if reality, thanks to their primary care givers already, and we are still meant to be educating them academically too.
    The next big influence, and obey they becomes more important as they grow, us the company they keep… Their friends…
    But whose responsibility is it to teach a child right from wrong?
    In my eyes, definitely the parents…

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      I agree Ritu but what is going wrong? Most people I know have well adjusted kids who have friends from all walks of life and make no differences between them…So what is it? That post really bought it home to me that 50 plus years on and nought has appeared to change….That is so sad and so wrong… and it is now a massive problem world wide..Why? I just don’t know any more..Thank you for your comment.

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      1. Ritu

        I know… It’s scary… It takes one bad seed in a group of impressionable youngsters, who have no formed opinions themselves, to sew that seed off prejudice… And if they don’t have that initial grounding, they don’t see right from wrong and this his what happens…

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      2. blondieaka Post author

        Yes I think you are correct…I always told my kids to never ever tell me they did something because someone else told them to. I always said you do what you do because you wanted to..you may still get told off but not as much as if you blamed someone else for your actions

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