Asalha Buddha Day.

This is one of the most important Buddha days of the year when traditionally young boys enter the monkhood and the candle ceremony is performed around Thailand.It is also the start of lent when the monks stay at their temple and don’t travel.


A lot of people go back to their home towns and villages to be with their families on this day…..Alcohol is forbidden to be sold and bars have to close in observance of this occasion.

One of the traditions is a string attached around the head or to the ear and praying and chanting which is carried out for 3 hours. This young lad obviously found it too much and he nodded off to sleep. Bless him….I won’t embarrass him further by posting the video he may never forgive me 🙂


But it shows the young do observe the many traditions here and I find that most endearing and it is lovely to witness such faith…

Peace and love!


3 thoughts on “Asalha Buddha Day.

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