I have recently started writing for this New York based website please give me a hand by following me and if you like my stories as well that would be a lovely bonus for me  ….Please Click this link below


Love you all ..Thank you muchly 🙂

2 thoughts on “Mytrendingstories.

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Hello, Good Morning.

      Yes mytrendingstories……I started writing for them a few months ago but have had numerous problems posting articles. They are very helpful but the issue is never solved.
      I use the same camera for all my pictures sometimes it accepts the pictures and other times it does not. I then lose my whole post.
      I now go on once a week and do a post if it won’t accept the photo then I just leave it….in fact it has been a few weeks since I last tried it so maybe I will have another go.
      I also write for niume and it is a dream…a lovely site and very user friendly.
      If you haven’t looked yet then you can click through my link How Niume works is If you sign up through my link I get $1 and so do you. I have already had two pays from Niume which is great. It really is a joy to write for them and because it is in spheres i.e FOOD then people look at food if that is what they want and in one day I had over 5000 reads on one post it is amazing.
      So I would say try mytrendingstories and see how you get on but although they say you get paid I have done quite a few posts and never had anything yet Niume me and lots others are earning and almost straight away.

      Good Luck.



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