A Fifties Child

me and mum & dad 1952 001

Born in the early 50’s, one of 3 and the oldest we had no Tv or phone we played out until dark and sometimes we were out all day playing in the woods, making camps…I was definitely not one of those girls who played with dolls and pushed someone else’s baby up and down the street..for fun! Really…I was  a tom boy…one of my earliest memories was this pink spotted dress my mum made me…she made all our clothes and I remember that when the elbows of our cardigans or jumpers wore thin my mum unpicked the sleeves and changed them over so the darned patch was in the crook of our elbow.

I also remember climbing the big old Oak tree in the middle of the green and catching the said pink dress and tore it! Girls then did not wear trousers only skirts and dresses.


Going to visit nan

We made tents in the garden by slinging a blanket over the clothes line…..Played how high can you jump with a pole on two sticks…until my dad shouted at us as we made a bare patch on his lawn. I remember playing jacks and hopscotch on the pavement( we then) had to clean every bit of the chalk of the pavement when we had finished playing.

Collecting the empty bottles and taking them back to get a penny and how many sweets could you get for a penny?

I remember moaning like hell when my mum combed my hair after washing it and the rags she put in so we had ringlets( and how they hurt to sleep in). I also remember her taking us to the hairdressers as she was fed up with moans and me getting this fringe…..I promptly got the scissors out when I got home and cut it off..stating I don’t have a fringe now.

I also remember how much I used to write for homework..pages and pages..my teachers must have groaned..not half a page for me. When I got the ” A” my mum would say very nice dear…my dad..not much…he thought girls just got married and had kids.

Our first TV…..Took pride of place in the parlour ..the best room..the one we only used on high days and holidays or when people visited.

Most of my friends wanted to be teachers, hairdressers, nurse, shop assistants ..none wanted to be a pop star or celebrity.

But we were happy! Why?

Ask yourself?

So true to life…I got married, had the kids..blah blah blah

Then I retired..…went to Thailand….joined Phuket Writers and wow…….. An anthology, a novel in the pipeline, writing for a New York website, a collaboration with Sally from Smorgasbord Health 2017  so much to do and who knows how much time…I am having fun on this ride and do not want to get off…

And all because this child of the fifties had a dream.

So I believe if you dare to dream…then you can!

Thai boys in tree

I see that happiness in the faces of the village children here..who have very little…the boys ..a bike, they fish..a stick with a cord, they run, they climb trees, they laugh..why?

 I hope at least one of them has a dream!
Until next time stay safe, laugh a lot as you know it is good for you… and have fun x

41 thoughts on “A Fifties Child

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  3. marianbeaman

    I relate to much of this too, Carol, growing up in the fifties also. Although I wouldn’t classify myself as a tomboy, I climbed trees and roamed the woods behind Grandma’s house never worrying about time – or strangers on the prowl.

    Like you, I am pursuing my writing dreams as well. Onward!

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      I know, Marian and it was great that our mums didn’t need to worry about our safety..no phones then just trust that we would come home safely after a days roaming….. and definitely onwards

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  4. purpleslobinrecovery

    Hi Carol! What great memories, of your childhood. I think most of us cut our own hair, at 1 time or another!! I was born in ’61, but had a similarly happy childhood.
    Kids today that are not happy, are not free! They are chained to technology, and spoiled by things, instead of the parents’ attention. (Not all by most!)
    Thanks for sharing!


    1. blondieaka Post author

      Yes I think most of u did cut our own hair…I have always been a free spirit I suppose which I think is good….My mum always used to joke with my husband and say she( meaning me) never did what we told her so now you can take her on..I have never done what he told me either..lol..he always says can I have my money back to my mum..ha ha…

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  5. Ken Hulme

    Remember all those things..and going to the Saturday morning cinema club for 9d…
    Great memories of a life lived…not sat looking at my phone…..

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  6. Shallow Reflections

    I was born in the early 50’s and can relate to your childhood. So much outdoor play and I also loved my dolls for inside play. TV was reserved for evening and I had lots of homework and writing. Also cultivated a love of music with piano lessons and playing clarinet in the band. My dad was always working, but I knew he was there for me. I became a nurse upon my father’s advice since I could always get a job. Now I’m writing. But not for money. Yet. Lovely to reminisce reading your post.

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      Thankk you, I used to have piano lessons and practised on my nan’s piano. I didn’t like dolls..lol..I was always climbing the big oak tree..lol But pleased you were able to reminisce 🙂

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  7. blondieaka Post author

    Reblogged this on Retired? No one told me! and commented:

    I am feeling..a bit sad today because it is Fathers day and I miss my dad. This photo popped up when I was browsing through past posts and it is me with my mum and dad…I also miss mum as she is far away from here in the UK and I am here in Thailand…I think of her every day as well and reading through this post brought back memories of my childhood..hence the reblog of an old post on this day which is Father Day xxx Love you Dad ( and Mum) xxxx

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  9. Stevie Turner

    I was born in the late 1950’s and also remember a carefree childhood making tents in the garden, being outside all day without supervision, and making camps. That’s why I was happy, and because of this happy childhood, I still am!


  10. blondieaka Post author

    I agree Steve and think you have to have that don’t don’t you? I always self motivate myself…something in me makes me and it’s getting stronger, just wish it had been stronger earlier but hey ho ….That’s Life!


  11. LydiaA1614

    I was born in the late 50’s but have a lot of the same or similar memories. We had a TV but is was a little black and white one and only 2 channels! Thanks for this great post!



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