Luffa Update! and ” The Community”


This was once a little black seed like this 🙂


And now  it has climbed up to the top of one of my trees and is on it’s way down again and fruits that appear up there…I will not be even attempting to pick…

This post is for Steph Richmond writer of “The Community” which I have just read and if you love a love story and a mystery then it’s a great novel…worth a read….You can tell I don’t do book reviews can’t you? I don’t have the words like some you who do great reviews…..I just know if I like it or not… I like The Community  and she has another one out soon…….Way to go Steph can’t wait to read it xx

For she who always enquires about the progress of my Luffa babies. They are well and happy Steph….Hows the Sunflower????



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