Orange and chocolate friands

Now who doesn’t have egg whites in their freezer …Great Post and great use of egg whites…I get fed up with meringue..Don’t you? Thanx Glenda

Passion Fruit Garden


The egg white situation is out of control.  At last count, I had 34 in my freezer!  I don’t know how it happens. I don’t feel like I make that much custard, although, …

I did make a passionfruit tart the other day which contributed 12 egg whites to the collection.  EllaDee was visiting so I thought I would make something special.  One has to impress fellow bloggers, doesn’t one?

Well, things went astray from the beginning.  I am a star pastry case maker, if I say so myself, so you can imagine my surprise as I watched the sides of my pastry case wobble and collapse.  “Oh, well,” I thought, “I will make another one, this time in a tin with higher sides.”  Of course, I am in Bridgetown and the tin I wanted was in Perth.  I ended up using a tin with sides much higher than I needed.

Then, when I went to make the filling on the morning of EllaDee’s visit, I…

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