CarolCooks2…in my kitchen…Banana Flowers…

I continue in my quest to find you some unusual foods which actually are very tasty.

I hope you enjoy!

Banana flowers are, as the name suggests, the blossoms from a banana tree. Left on the tree, they would become bananas, they are also edible.

What do they taste like? Well…

They have a similar aromatic profile to a banana, but it’s more delicate when still in the blossom form.

Where would you find Banana Flowers? Well for me in my garden or the local market, roadside stalls or even grocery stores…I am so lucky..

If unlike me you don’t live in a tropical paradise with banana trees, you may find banana flowers at Asian food stores or speciality markets, but usually only in the frozen foods section. If you buy them frozen, they work well in cooked preparations, but won’t defrost into anything you’d want to toss in a salad or otherwise serve raw.

Which is pretty much like any other frozen leaves or herbs which have been frozen.

They can be made into soup, salads or just lightly steamed and eaten raw with a lovely spicy Thai dip.

I hope you enjoyed this…thank you for dropping by and reading this… as always it is much appreciated and I look forward to your comments x

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      1. inesephoto

        Ricotta type cheese with chilly flakes or black pepper, and a simple egg+flour batter. Only did it with my own courgette or pumpkin male flowers, on occasion. They are so huge, just didn’t want to waste them 🙂 They taste like the fruit itself.

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