~Lemongrass Paste and Lemongrass Tartar Sauce Recipes~

A quick, easy versatile Lemongrass paste which can be kept in the fridge or frozen.

Pranee's Thai Kitchen

From a Thai Village to the Big City

I grew up in a world full of lemongrass and could tell you thousands of stories that evolve around this fragrant herb, from planting and cooking it, to all things related. But I will keep this short and sweet so that you can go straight to my recipes and prepare them.

Lemongrass Paste & Lemongrass Tartar Sauce

Here in Seattle, I always have many lemongrass stalks in my refrigerator—not in the backyard like in Thailand, but both methods work for the Thai cook who wants to be able to add lemongrass to a recipe at a moment’s notice. When I do a hands-on class I make sure students learn how to prepare lemongrass three ways (please watch the video). This lesson results in a lot of leftover lemongrass, which I cook, freeze, or make into a powder. A few days…

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6 thoughts on “~Lemongrass Paste and Lemongrass Tartar Sauce Recipes~

  1. Loretta

    Just talking with another blogger about making your own lemongrass paste. I had just prepared a Thai dish for this week’s post and wondered how to make it fresh at home, as I always used the store bought one. About to watch the video now, thanks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Sounds easy as well and as I buy lemon grass at the market( and it’s) big bunches and often throw it away…I can now make use of it all and freeze the paste…
      Hope you are well 🙂



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