Saangchai and my life with Humans.


Hey it’s Saangchai here…..I bet you thought I had given up on blogging didn’t you??? WOOF …Not me it’s my mistress she spends all day and everyday Tap, tap,tap and now she has got some new things to try it’s even worse ..some thing called scribbler or something to do with her writing…but she looks happier so I guess it’s working.

Woof… well what have I been doing??? Well barking more…I expect my mistress has told you that but the garden isn’t as big and I can hear more…woof…and those pesky dogs opposite..yap, yap ,yap…..If I meet them when I am out… will I tell them…woof

There are lots of street dogs here and no Soi Dogs to rescue them…which is a shame…woof

Best news though it’s firework time…Well always is here…I love them…woof….

My mistress says she has never known a dog like me…ever…

Well I am special…Woof

But those fireworks I get as close as I can….they have given up trying to get me away….I can run fast…woof and my little master lets me out…woof

But they are so pretty and those rockets go so high and it’s like lots of stars…woof

She calls me a Nutbar…woof..Would you believe it????

Anyway…Laters…The Mistress is coming back to her scribbling or whatever…woof…She says her friend Jean is a top lady and has helped her with it…woof



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