The Inspector can help you avoid a wrong turn

Thank you Jean another informative video….I have never enjoyed using scrivener as much as I do now…..Thank You 🙂

Jean's Writing

Just like the GPS app on your phone or in your car!

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I don’t know about you but I’m lost now without my GPS. That app has saved me more times than I can count. As a directionally challenged person, I depend on it to go anywhere. And just like my car’s GPS, Scrivener’s Inspectorhelps me stay the course.

So what is “The Inspector?”

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The Inspector Paneis a cool gadget in Scrivener sort of like a tip-sheet. With it, you can add the synopsis, bits of information, pictures, and notes that will keep your story moving in the right direction.

But in this video, I show you my favorite feature called “The Custom Meta-Data.” The custom meta-datasectionreminds you where you are, where you want the characters to end up, and what’s happening in each chapter or scene.

Open a chapter or page…

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