Blogmas 2016….Christmas lights around the world.



Christmas Lights around the world ….As we are in our pre-christmas run up everywhere around the world is lighting up….I put out a request to all my friends and a few replied with pictures. Not as many as I would have liked but indeed some lovely pictures….I hope you enjoy!

My friend Erika hails from Graz in Austria and these are the pictures of the lights in Graz ..are they not beautiful?


From the beautiful town of Graz we go to Bergen courtesy of my friend Nina.


Then it’s on to London courtesy of Yvette…London I hold dear to my heart and I know I am biased but no-one does Christmas like London.


We have Tower Bridge isn’t it beautiful?

Tower Bridge.jpg

The South Bank..London


Now to Hamburg in Germany.


Brisbane in Australia..


Just a few of the lovely lights which we all love and contribute to the atmosphere of Christmas….

That’s it for the 4th day of Blogmas…It’s getting closer folks …Are you ready? Are your puddings made? Pressies bought and wrapped? or are you a last- minute shopper?

Until tomorrow when I will have a few last -minute recipes for you.



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