Blogmas 2016 …. A Victorian Christmas.



I love Christmas and have many happy  memories of Christmas  in the past…..I miss Christmas in the Uk… I suppose part of it is that it is not celebrated here so even though some of the larger stores aimed at the expat market do decorate and have a tree…it falls short…. you don’t get the atmosphere and it is the atmosphere which makes everything isn’t it?

The cold, maybe snow, the Carol Concerts, the parties,just a general joyous feeling , christmas is everywhere you look at every twist and turn.

So I have been thinking a lot….dangerous I know…ha ha

About what Christmas would have been like in Victorian Times….Cooking was far more ornate and so were the dresses of the beautiful


…muffled up and carriages to ride in.. it just conjours up a warm feeling of Christmas.

Chestnuts cooked over hot coals on street corners…


Ducks and Geese and lovely fresh local food…There was no refrigeration then just cold larders and I remember my mums and my grand mothers and they were cold but also damp so food didn’t last as long.

But people shopped locally and we are turning the clock back and starting to do that again  but it was food in season and locally bought..

Families having fun…I remember waiting for my dad to come home on Christmas Eve just like the children in this photo… All excited to see what goodies he had bought..Victorian Christmas.jpg .I would love to go back in time and enjoy a Victorian Christmas I think it would fun…Do you????




9 thoughts on “Blogmas 2016 …. A Victorian Christmas.

  1. priscillaking

    A Victorian costume party would be fun, though not very compatible with an open fire now that we have the choice…Victorians who got impatient and stood close to the fire to dry out some of those layers they wore were always in danger of their clothes igniting.



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