Does it do what it says on the tin???

New Product Morris Clean It really Cleans Everything Safely

Morris Clean…..


Have you heard of it???

Well neither had I…

The question ladies was for me when I was asked to give an honest review…On a cleaner… Was… Oh No!…Not again…

I have used zillions of cleaners…I have used stores own brand cleaner…I have made my own as it was professed to be the best of the best au naturel cleaner on this earth…..Yehhhh right!

I have bought these super-duper cleaners which cost half your months salary and was hyped up so much that you just had to buy it…Your expectations were now sky-high that this was the one…The one which didn’t have a god awful smell or bring you out in a rash and left your home so clean you could eat your dinner off the floor…

Yeh right!

So…Morris Clean…I listened…I made the right noises and promised an ” Honest Review” now come on ladies, admit it …..How many times have we been disappointed?????

Who would think that one small bottle could cause us so much disappointment throughout our lives!

I got my samples…Nice packaging, clean, no frills….small though…

A bottle to put my powder in and fill the bottle with water and then give it a shake….

Well…That was easy…..

Does it look like a cleaner that cleans almost everything????? No!

Did it clean…as promised…..Hell yes!… Ladies are you in for a treat…I cleaned my ceramic hob…It didn’t have so much foam that it took ages to get rid of it and then have to buff it up…..Low foaming it is!

Wipe on, wipe off….mmmm a tad impressed..

I was now on a mission…..I sprayed it on my granddaughter’s white shorts which had a lovely red stain on them, on my tea shirt which…clever me had splashed curry on it while cooking and the shirt collars.

Wow….after washing…no sign of anything…

Now I was looking for something to clean that it couldn’t…They told me it was all-purpose…Brave statement to make to a lady who cleans!

Oven glass door and inside…I was… I will also say only using kitchen roll and not a sponge, Like I was advised to use…..I suppose I didn’t really expect too much of this Morris Clean.

Well, we are talking ovens know that job we really love doing.

I sprayed and waited the required few seconds and wiped and stood there with probably a stupid grin on my face it came off…Wow!


Garden furniture…brilliant.. those pesky marks that sticky labels leave when you take them off…even on the car…. bits of tar, trainers I always get that job and a handbag…..I will admit by now I was looking for something to clean…I was a lady on a mission but apart from a pen on paintwork, I couldn’t find anything it wouldn’t clean.

And it’s safe!

It’s a genuine, all-around cleaner girls.

Morris Clean…It genuinely does have 101 uses. 


5 thoughts on “Does it do what it says on the tin???

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    1. James Morris

      I can arrange for some product to be shipped to you free to try if you leave your details with Carol.

      Kind Regards
      James Morris

      Texas Roadhouse loved the product. please click on the link below.

      Another a nice article was written by Oprah’s baby Blog in 2007. It used to be called Morris Powder but we re-branded and product launch in January 2017.



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