Not just a Crab Sandwich!

EEEEEEK! She has that look and she has baguettes and I have heard her say….It’s the letter “C”  THIS WEEK.  I thought she was sticking to chillies?????  Surely she is not putting me between that baguette and with a Chilli! crab-1934857_1280



6 individual sized baguettes or wholemeal bread or your own choice of bread/roll.

300gm of fresh picked white crab meat…..yikes that’s me!

I red chilli finely chopped, you can remove seeds….she so is and in bed with a chilli! And I can’t scuttle away she has taped my claws together.

5tbsp mayo.

1 tsp fresh lime juice.

2 tbsp flat leaf parsley finely chopped.

50gm rocket

Butter to spread on rolls.


Lets’s Cook!

Butter your rolls or bread of choice…..I sometimes use cream cheese.

Mix the chilli and lime juice into the mayo.

Gently fold in the parsley and the white crab meat.

Taste and season with a little salt..the salt brings out the flavours.

Put the crab mixture on the baguette and top with rocket.


I hope you enjoyed this bit of fun and just to reassure no crabs were hurt by me…..


Thank you for reading this and my tongue in cheek humour.


If you loved it please reblog or share away 🙂

19 thoughts on “Not just a Crab Sandwich!

  1. angelanoelauthor

    Okay, you’ll have to help this American-non-gourmet out . . . what is rocket? And who came up with such a fantastic name? I’ve no idea what it could be, except NOT a space projectile in this instances. 🙂



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