Who else could burn hard boiled eggs?

What a week I have had in the kitchen…You couldn’t make it up….


Firstly…I love black rice but no one else in my family does, well except for Saangchai. So I put a small amount in a pan with some water ..I was not cooking  enough to use the rice cooker..checking and checking it didn’t appear to be cooking so I kept topping up the water again and again, it was drinking it…mmmmm

Then the lights when on!


It was glutinous black rice aka ( sticky rice) ……Plan B….so I soaked it.

Popped it in the Sticky rice basket to steam ….


.Where was my head that day it just exploded ( not my head)…..I had all this really swollen rice to more than twice its size….At least the dog ate it…..So I do have kitchen disasters you will be pleased know…lol

But the bright side of my week was ….The Thai family came over and I said I would cook….I decided to make Nam Doc Moo which is  sliced BBQ pork/beef with Coriander/mint and shallots and the requisite chillies, lime and fish sauce.

I was asked do you not use Msg..shock , horror from me Nooooooooo!

So I presented my plates of Nam Doc and it just went to Ooohs and Ahhhs and a demonstration of how much Msg they use and the translation was that mine was much better than theirs when they didn’t use msg.They loved it!


To say  that I wasn’t just a tiny bit pleased is an understatement..from a Thai?…It’s taken at least 6 yrs to get this good at making Thai food and now I have cracked it..Yehhhhhh

I was stoked…so happy!

That euphoria didn’t last, yesterday I burnt the boiled eggs….Now those you who are writers will understand how engrossed we get in our work….won’t you?

An hour later…I came down as I was summoned…He shouted at me!

One of the eggs had exploded over the kitchen and the other two were burnt as was the bottom of the saucepan……Oooooops


So a mixed week in the kitchen with more disasters than I have had for a while.

Oh and after 6 years, juggling with the heat and the different flours I have finally made the PERFECT DUMPLING!

Until next time.

Stay safe, laugh a lot and be happy.






19 thoughts on “Who else could burn hard boiled eggs?

    1. blondieaka Post author

      Actually no…. and I did them again last night…it was the flour and me not understanding American terminology which they use here on things like flour…I now do and am using the correct flour… I am learning and Graham Crackers please..they are digestives…for eons I thought as crackers in the Uk are savory that everyone was nuts using them as a cheesecake base…

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  1. FrugalHausfrau

    Oh, you had me laughing! But one success makes up for a lot of errors! I once started Spaghetti on fire. I had dumped it all into the pot of boiling water and was going to push it down once it softened a bit – I didn’t have a big enough pot. Then one stick of spaghetti must have fallen off and touched the burner and gone up in flames and in a split second that lit on fire all the spaghetti sticking out of the pot….As far as I know I’m the only person to ever start boiling spaghetti on fire…

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      Yes I have that knack……and have I learnt not with burning yet..oooops but need too or it will be the house one day and that will not be funny..just as well as I am told I don’t cook on gas..but yes iit is we learn and at my age 🙂

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  2. Dreamer Achiever

    Oh wow, seems that I’m not the only one burning boiled eggs! However I feel that I can blame my dad of me being a horrible cook sometimes – my dad has burned a tea water. Yep. The water boiled a away and he ruined the boiling pan he was using. Oops!

    Nora / http://dreamerachiever.com

    Ps. There is a big giveaway open in my blog in case you’re interested 🙂

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