Traditional Handmade Thai pancakes..Khao Gle-at.


Pancakes drying  Making these pancakes the traditional way is still done in the Thai villages and I am very lucky to be able to witness these traditions which are passed down through the generations. The working of the wooden presses is a sight to behold again these are family heirlooms and passed down. And something which all the family participates in and is learning how to make, the oldest passes on her knowledge and the young ones start at the bottom and learn but if you look at the smiling faces everyone is enjoying it.

coconut mix

If you look closely when the old lady is pounding the flesh from the coconuts the children are working it by jumping up and down at the opposite end it is just like a see-saw and as much fun.

pounding the coconut

These pancakes are made from the flesh of the older coconuts and mixed with palm sugar, sticky rice which is ground into a flour and sesame seeds.There are many variations on this some are mixed with eggs.

Once the mixture is made it is shaped into pancake shapes with a wooden press. See below.

Flattening the pancake mix

Pancakes drying

They are then left to dry for about 3 days and then toasted over the open flames of a Thai BBQ rotated by hand between two wooden fan like paddles to ensure even cooking.

It is fascinating to watch.

I have seen these sold on the roadsides and now know how they are made in the homes. It certainly is a family affair as from the youngest to the oldest they all have a part to play.

I hope you enjoyed this little visit into this Thai families home.

22 thoughts on “Traditional Handmade Thai pancakes..Khao Gle-at.

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    1. Carol Post author

      Thank you Cindy…I love how much tradition is carried on through the generations here in Thailand particularly here in the North where I now live 🙂 x Thank you for your kind comment 🙂


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  6. Anindya

    Hi Carol, thank you for sending me the link to your post……:)….will appreciate if you can kindly submit a fresh new content in the following link on my blog….. … this link there is a form which you need to fill up and insert your post in the Editor there, you can include your images there normally…..:)
    The link which you send is already published on your site….:)….will appreciate a fresh new content which I would be very happy to host….thank you 🙂

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    1. Carol Post author

      Hi Anindya ..I still cannot add the photos..mine don’t have a url that I can see.. I can e-mail them to you? I have written the text and sent via your daily journal…Kind Regards Carol 🙂

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      They are Sandy whenever I go all I see are smiling faces and I am sure that like like everyone else they have their problems but they seem to have smaller expectations from life and just little things please them so much..they just love that we go and eat the same food as them and sleep on the floor and generally just muck in it really pleases them. It is such a happy place to be..hark at me whittling on 🙂



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