Red Duck Curry ( Kaeng Ped Pett Yang)

One of my favourite curries and one which I don’t have very often…why? Not sure really…I probably save it for special occasions.

Well, this is it..I am now on the letter D for my self-imposed walk through the alphabet. Not much beginning with D…A few fruits and duck…a lot of recipes which say dried this and dried that but only really prefixing the recipe with dried to say it starts with D.

So I have certainly set myself a task….mmmmmm…i am beginning to ask myself why but not one to give up…

I had Duck curry for the first time on a little island just off Phuket, Thailand it is a fiery curry offset by pineapple and tomatoes. Some add lychee as well as pineapple but we found it a little sweet for us but experiment, everyone’s taste is different….I also add some vegetables, mange tout or sugar snap peas maybe a few florets of brocolli..really whatever I have in the fridge.


Let’s Cook!

Duck Curry

Firstly cook your duck breasts, we like ours medium rare.

Put the duck skin side down in a cold pan, turn the heat to medium and cook the duck breasts for 6-8 minutes until the skin is golden and crispy, turn the breasts over and just sear the other side for 1 minute. Turn over so they are breast side up and put in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees for 7-9 minutes. Remove from oven and rest for 10 minutes before slicing the breasts thinly.


400ml coconut milk

1 tbsp fish sauce

3/4 cup fresh pineapple cut into bite sized pieces.

10 cherry tomatoes.

6-10 mange tout..or other vegetables of your choice.

100gm Thai egg plant cut into quarters.( Pictured below)



100gm pea eggplants( Pictured to the right above)


If you can’t get these any small eggplant will be ok I sometimes use small purple ones if I can’t get the green.

1-2 tbsp red curry paste.

6 kaffir lime leaves torn

Bunch Thai basil washed and leaves picked..

2 tsp lime juice.

To make sauce put a very tiny drop of oil in the pan over a medium heat add your curry paste and stir to cook for 1 min, add fish sauce. Gradually add coconut milk whilst still stirring.

Bring to a slow boil and add torn lime leaves and eggplants cook for 5/6 mins and add tomatoes and pineapple, cook for a further 10 minutes then add mange tout and stir in some Thai basil leaves and lime juice.

Now taste and adjust curry paste if you want more heat. If anything else needs adjusting you can also do that now. Thai flavours are very pronounced and if you get it balanced ..very nice if not…I have had some disasters and I don’t mind admitting that…which is why I always say TASTE and Taste again.

The very first duck curry I made was ok…so we left out the lychee next time and it was much better…also I know which curry paste to now use as they are all so different…Please don’t let this put you off making it as when you get it right it is a lovely thing.

When you are ready to serve then add sliced duck to the sauce and just warm through and serve with some Thai basil over the top and a sliced red chilli if you like.

Serve with steamed rice.


13 thoughts on “Red Duck Curry ( Kaeng Ped Pett Yang)

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  3. dgkaye

    Looks divine. I’d switch duck for chicken. 🙂 Carol, so let me ask you, a basic red Thai curry sauce is coconut milk, red curry paste and fish sauce? Funny, I have many Chinese and Japanese ingredients, but have never used the fish sauce, I’m guessing that makes all the difference? ❤


    1. CarolCooks2 Post author

      Yes, Debby plus all your aromatics…I love fish sauce don’t be put of by the smell as I was when I first used fish sauce many years ago it doesn’t taste like that ….I love it the umami taste and yes it does it is just balancing all the flavours to your palate so I always say start with less and keep tasting until it is right the same with curry paste they vary the one I have at the moment is very hot so I only used 1 spoonful and it was still hot so again start with less and build on it…I love duck curry one of my favs ❤

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