I have thought long and hard before reblogging this…WHY? Well, it is a hard-hitting article…. The bottom line ? The message I take from this…. Listen, think, ask, do your own research. It is our children, grandchildren and their wellbeing even ours if we are recieving injections. Me….I will tell you a story…Oh No! I hear you say… I am a quiet rebel..always have been and always will be..shhhhhh. When I lived in the Uk…I had the most handsome, heart stopping family doctor…Girls did he make pulse race…BUT..When I was quite sick( very) he was on that phone and telling the hospital that I was coming up if’s no buts he got things amazing man. Yep, I am rambling and when I questioned anything he would take my hand and say Carol just take them…but even though he was great I still questioned why I was taking these particular pills…in the end I DECIDED and gradually weaned myself off them over the course of 6 months and replaced them with vitamins ( it was Hrt ) actually and I still don’t take it and that was 20 years ago…he meant well and was a lovely man and a great doctor but I knew myself and what I was prepared to take and it wasn’t that. My point if you have any doubts about vaccinations.. do your own research and dig a little deeper and if you still feel it is right thing to do for your children …Go ahead but go ahead with the knowledge you have not been blindly led. I will now pass you over to Dr Jonathon and I hope you will read his post and if it makes you think then that is good. Have a great weekend all of you and stay safe and laugh a lot.

All About Healthy Choices

As the battlegrounds are drawn in the sand with an ongoing tug of war over the vaccine efficacy/safety issue, I stand on the sidelines marveling at the lack of concern by those most affected by its outcome. The TRUTH doesn’t seem to matter because the population at large doesn’t seem to care. As long as SOMEONE ELSE is willing to pay for each and every vaccine offered, a willingness to have these substances injected into our children and ourselves continues. We lack CONVICTION and RESPONSIBILITY to make the best informed health care decisions. It is easier to say, “our doctors know best.”  This is nothing more than LAZINESS. We have no interest in spending our “precious” time learning about the RISKS as long as our doctors continue to “claim” the “BENEFITS.”

Publication1cropped500This apathy is more contagious than the conditions we vaccinate against. It spreads beyond the world…

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    1. blondieaka Post author

      Well done takes time and effort but the rewards are great, health-wise. But I still very occasionally have a junk fix…lol and I enjoy it! I can eat a little now and leave the rest so I am pleased about that but it has taken a while. 🙂



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