Salt of the earth…



Salt seems to be a topic of conversation around here at the moment so I have decided to resurrect this post from aunt juju which I reblogged over a year ago.

Since then I have purchased a salt block as a present for my daughter and am awaiting feedback as she has had it for a good few months now.

This article by aunt juju is a very good comprehensive view of salt block cooking backed up by some wonderful recipes. So please take a look you will love it as much as I do… I just know you will.

Once I self-host this blog I will be offering these amongst other things for sale…..I will not have loads of ads all over the place but the sale items will be relevant to my posts. Which means folks you will still get recipes and hopefully some good advice to get you thinking about your health alongside them.

Young Sally also penned a very good post on salt and our health and I discovered salt farming as some of you know on my proverbial doorstep.   So much to do and discover in this little corner of Thailand.

Salt is definitely being featured in our corner of the world of WP and is worth a look as that and so many other things which we were advised to steer clear of consuming don’t seem to be really as bad for us….What are your thoughts on all this backtracking?

A short post to read as you drink your morning coffee…well depending on where you live…ha ha ….coupled with some interesting links for when you put feet up later.


I hope you enjoy all of this and it links everything together for you….Do you have any What are your thoughts on Salt and your health?

We would love to know so please comment and if you have used salt blocks ..tell me your experience did you love it or hate it?….Good or bad…. I would love to know.

Thank you for reading I hope it gave you food for thought? Stay safe and laugh a’s free and it releases all those good endorphins which are responsible for our feeling of wellbeing…. it is the biochemical of the substrate aka ” The Spice of Life”

Until next time……..





9 thoughts on “Salt of the earth…

  1. Doctor Jonathan

    Salt (in and of itself) is not a “bad” mineral. As you have stated, it is an important part of maintaining health. The problem comes from cultural diets and the type of salt used. In America, the typical diet is unhealthy. It is full of processed “food like” stuff that makes it last and gives it flavor.Sodium is one of the ingredients often found in large quantities. We then complicate matters by adding processed (table) salt to these and other foods. Abusing ANY mineral is an unhealthy practice.
    My diet has its own natural sources of salt, so I do not add any. For those enjoying salt and maintaining healthy diets, I recommend Himalayan Salt. I like all the additional trace minerals found in this product. Celtic salt is also an option, however, its source is important to know since water pollution can contaminate this product.

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  2. Vincent

    There is so much negative emphasis on salt – but it is still important for our health. In fact, you can have too little salt and that can cause health issues. So, minimizing salt intake as much as possible isn’t always the healthiest move either.


    1. blondieaka Post author

      Exactly our point on both mine and Sally’s post Vincent, we need salt, it is just getting the correct balance of salt for our bodies and much depends on where we live and the climate as well. My father was quite ill and illness was caused by lack of sodium so yes you are also correct we do need salt in our diets 🙂


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