I think this article is spot on..Healthy means a Balanced, realistic lifestyle 🙂

All About Healthy Choices

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The television program, “Good Morning America” had a segment about a 26 year old female that decided to transform her body from competitive physique athlete to average everyday “Jane.” She posted the photo above on Facebook to share her (initial feelings of “shame”) with the world before deciding she was happier with the new person. Her intent was to reinforce the message that HAPPINESS came from within and and that appearance alone could cause more harm than good.

The picture went “viral” and received over 100,000 comments supporting her. As a physician, I have concerns regarding this transition.

I support Ms. Jone’s decision to alter her highly structured and limiting lifestyle as a competitive athlete. It should be recognized and understood that competitive training is NOT A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE maintained forever. It is a “period of time” the body is put under enormous stress to achieve a “maximal” outcome…

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